2024 US Presidential Election: Trump Leads Republican Nomination Race, Harris a Top Contender for Democrats

The race for the 2024 US Presidential election is already heating up, with potential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties being tracked and ranked by various media outlets. Recent polls and endorsements have given insight into who might be the front runners for each party, with former President Donald Trump leading the pack for the Republicans, and Vice President Kamala Harris being a top contender for the Democrats.

One potential Republican candidate who has been the subject of much speculation is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.[0] However, recent polls have shown him losing ground to Trump, who has a significant lead among Republican voters. Despite DeSantis’ successful governance in Florida, some of his supporters are questioning whether he should enter the fray given the wild uncertainties of indictments and criminal trials.[1]

Trump’s recent indictment by a Manhattan grand jury has proven to be a windfall for his campaign, with reports suggesting he has raised over $12 million since the charges were made public.[2] The charges have given him a surge of momentum with Republican primary voters, many of whom see the charges as political.[3]

DeSantis has been the subject of a wave of Florida congressional endorsements for Trump, which could further hinder his chances of securing the Republican nomination. Currently, Trump holds a significant lead in GOP support with 59%, surpassing DeSantis by 41 points with only 18% of support.[4] Among those surveyed, former Vice President Mike Pence received only 10% support, putting him in a distant third place.[5]

While DeSantis may have lost ground to Trump in recent polls, he still remains a top contender for the Republican nomination. His successful governance in Florida, including his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, has won him widespread support among Republican voters.[1] However, his lack of charisma and humor, compared to Trump, could make it difficult for him to win over Trump’s base.[6]

On the Democratic side, Vice President Kamala Harris is seen as a top contender for the nomination. She has been actively involved in the Biden administration, including leading efforts to address the root causes of migration from Central America. Other potential candidates include Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Overall, the 2024 US Presidential election is shaping up to be a highly contested and unpredictable race. With potential candidates from both parties already being tracked and ranked, it remains to be seen who will ultimately secure their party’s nomination and go on to win the presidency.

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