Debate and Contention Surrounds Potential Inclusion of Nikki Haley in Trump Administration and 2024 Ticket

In a recent interview, former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon issued a strong warning about the potential inclusion of Nikki Haley in the Trump administration.[0] Bannon stated that if Haley were to be a part of the administration in any capacity, it would lead to failure.[1] He referred to her as a viper and claimed that she would try to run the administration like a prime minister, similar to Dick Cheney’s role under President George W. Bush.[2]

Bannon also suggested that there would be a fight over Haley’s potential inclusion on the ticket as Trump’s running mate in the 2024 general election. He stated that some would argue that Trump needs a woman on the ticket to balance things out and appeal to the 15% of Never Trumpers in the Republican Party.[3] Bannon emphasized the need to resist this push and prevent Haley from gaining a powerful position within the administration.

These comments from Bannon come as Haley has risen to second place in most polls in New Hampshire and has gained momentum in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two contests in the GOP nominating calendar.[4] This growing support for Haley has put pressure on other candidates, such as Chris Christie, who is courting similar moderate and independent voters in the states.[4]

However, not everyone shares Bannon’s concerns about Haley. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who is also a potential running mate for Trump, expressed some reservations about Haley but stated that she would still support the ticket if Trump were to choose her. Noem mentioned her disagreements with Haley over the years and questioned which version of Haley would show up each day, suggesting that she changes her stance depending on her political agenda.

The prospect of Haley joining Trump’s ticket has also sparked discussions among Trump’s allies and advisers. Some have expressed disapproval of the idea, while others are questioning their thoughts on Haley as a potential vice presidential candidate. Despite the opposition, Trump reportedly wants to gauge opinions on Haley, indicating that he is considering her for the position.[5]

Overall, the inclusion of Nikki Haley in the Trump administration or as his running mate in the 2024 election remains a topic of debate and contention. While some, like Bannon, warn against her involvement, others, like Noem, express reservations but are willing to support the ticket if she is chosen. The growing support for Haley in certain states adds another layer of complexity to the discussion, as it puts pressure on other candidates and potentially splits the non-Trump vote. Ultimately, the decision lies with Trump, and it remains to be seen how this situation will unfold in the coming months.

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