DeSantis’ Book Signing Event Leads to Controversy After Trump Supporters Asked to Leave

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2023, a group of pro-Donald Trump supporters were asked to leave a book signing event for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis while he was promoting his new book, The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.[0] The incident occurred at a Books-A-Million store at the Lake Square Mall in Leesburg, Florida.

The video of the incident, posted online by far-right activist Laura Loomer, showed a uniformed officer telling the Trump supporters that “anyone wearing Trump [gear] has to go right now.”[1] The officer then said: “DeSantis’ people are in there telling me to come out to tell you guys not to be here while he’s here.”[2]

Loomer inquired whether the guard had been informed by “DeSantis people” that they had to leave, to which the guard responded in the affirmative.[2] The guard also said “I am a Trump supporter … I’m doing my job, dude. You’re on private property, you need to leave.”[3] did not receive an immediate response from the Leesburg Police Department upon requesting comment.[4] However, Loomer tweeted: “DeSantis and his staff ordered the police to make ‘anyone wearing a Trump shirt’ or anyone with any ‘Trump gear’ to leave!”[3]

Loomer informed The Daily Beast that the police arrived and declared that, unless they departed, they were going to be issued citations and arrested for trespassing since DeSantis did not wish them to be inside.[5] This demonstrates that he is a tyrant.[4]

Governor DeSantis commented that “what Florida has demonstrated is that there is a large group of Americans who realise that some of the issues have gotten out of hand. We need to bring back practicality to the nation and I believe you will see that occur in numerous states around the country.”[6]

The Trump supporters have since accused DeSantis of being anti-free speech and many believe he will join the race for president in 2024.[4]

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