DeSantis Kicks Off Florida Legislative Session with Culture War Pledges and Travel Plans

On Tuesday, Florida lawmakers began their annual 60-day legislative session, and Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked off his State of the State address with a campaign-style speech signaling a renewed battle over the state’s culture wars.[0]

Unexpectedly, GOP lawmakers on Tuesday also proposed a six-week abortion ban just minutes before DeSantis delivered his speech.[1] The proposed ban has the support of legislative leaders and includes language tying its effective date to a ruling by the conservative-leaning state high court.[2] Republicans have not yet settled on a new legislative framework for the future of abortion access in the state.[3]

Governor DeSantis, in his address, acknowledged the need to safeguard life, yet he failed to provide any details.[4] He also indicated approval for legislative efforts to mirror the measures taken by his administration to prohibit treatments for transgender minors.[4]

DeSantis’ out-of-state travel has also picked up.[4] He’s set to travel to Alabama on Thursday before heading to the early nominating states of Iowa and Nevada this weekend.[4] He’s also promoting his new book, “The Courage to Be Free,” while on the road.[5]

In his 30-minute address, DeSantis declared that they have taken their position in Florida at the forefront of the fight for liberty.[6] We have achieved great success in making Florida the most sought-after spot in the country. Our accomplishments are remarkable. Nevertheless, we must not become complacent.[0]

He stated that many Americans relocated from certain blue states to Florida, illustrating that they “voted with their feet”. This led to a population boom in Florida.[7]

He declared that, at a time when common sense was no longer a widely held value, Florida was a refuge of rationality and a stronghold of liberty not only in the US, but across the globe.[8]

DeSantis also urged lawmakers to expand Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education bill,” which bans instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms up until third grade.[9] Legislators desire to expand the prohibition until eighth grade.[2] The ban has been referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by critics[9]

In the wake of midterm elections that saw Republicans dominate in Florida and build legislative super-majorities, Democrats have largely acknowledged there is little they can do to slow down DeSantis’ agenda.[2]

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