DeSantis’s Campaign in Iowa Faces Setbacks: Empty Seats, Strong Trump Support, and Falling Poll Numbers

The race for the 2024 presidential election is heating up, and one candidate who has been making waves is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, recent events in Iowa have raised questions about his campaign’s momentum.

On August 5, photos of a meet and greet event in Iowa showed a large number of empty seats, indicating a lackluster turnout.[0] This comes as a surprise, considering Iowa is the first state where candidates face the scrutiny of voters.[1] It is a crucial state for candidates to connect with voters and gain their support.

Despite this setback, Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa praised DeSantis for his efforts in campaigning in the state.[2] She acknowledged that he has been doing the necessary groundwork by engaging with voters and listening to their concerns. Reynolds highlighted the importance of connecting with Iowans, as they play a significant role in the outcome of the caucuses.

DeSantis’s campaign in Iowa has been met with mixed reactions.[3] While some appreciate his presence and vision, others have expressed their support for former President Donald Trump. Large signs supporting Trump were seen at an event where DeSantis was speaking.[4] This demonstrates the continued influence and popularity of Trump within the Republican Party.

The latest polls also indicate a significant gap between Trump and DeSantis. According to FiveThirtyEight, as of August 3, Trump leads with 53.3 percent support, while DeSantis lags behind at only 14.3 percent.[5] This drop in support for DeSantis is concerning, especially considering he was previously polling at over 18 percent.[6]

It is clear that DeSantis has some work to do in order to gain more traction in the race. While he has been actively campaigning and reaching out to voters, he will need to find a way to overcome the strong support for Trump within the Republican Party.

The 99 county tour that DeSantis is currently undertaking is an important step in connecting with rural voters. Governor Reynolds acknowledges the significance of this effort, as it allows candidates to directly engage with Iowans and address their concerns. It is a strategy that has proven successful in the past, with Rick Santorum being an example of a candidate who achieved success in the Iowa caucuses.

As the 2024 presidential election continues to unfold, it will be interesting to see how DeSantis adapts his campaign strategy to overcome the challenges he is facing. With the support of Governor Reynolds and a continued focus on connecting with voters, he may be able to regain momentum in the race. However, the influence of former President Trump and the strong support he still commands cannot be underestimated. The coming months will undoubtedly be crucial for DeSantis and his bid for the presidency.

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