“Don Tapia Defects to Support DeSantis: Wealthy GOP Donors Look to Alternative in 2024”

Don Tapia, a longtime Republican donor and former ambassador to Jamaica in Donald Trump’s administration, is defecting to back Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should he run for president in 2024. Tapia, who was a six-figure donor to both of Trump’s presidential campaigns, told Politico that he and other wealthy donors were sick of Trump’s “name-calling” and that the retreat would “overwhelmingly” feature former Trump backers.[0]

DeSantis has benefitted from the early financial support of wealthy GOP donors, including $4.5 million from Yass and the Reyes brothers, which has contributed to his political committee having more than $71 million left over from last year’s reelection effort.[1] The early support from the upper echelon of GOP mega donors is making it difficult for other would-be contenders to launch a viable bid for the nomination.[2] Trump’s Thursday evening event is intended to raise money for his 2024 super PAC – MAGA Inc.[0]

Tapia’s defection is a further sign that the Republican Party is looking for an alternative to Trump in 2024 and is willing to support DeSantis. The Florida Governor recently visited New York City, where he spoke to police officers and posed for photos, reportedly shrugging off questions about his political ambitions. Whether or not he runs for office, it is safe to say that DeSantis has the financial support from some of the wealthiest and most influential Republican donors.

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