Donald Trump Jr. Accidentally Insults Father While Criticizing Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign Launch

Donald Trump Jr. accidentally insulted his father, former President Donald Trump, during a livestream on Thursday night while attempting to condemn Ron DeSantis, Trump’s closest rival for the Republican presidential nomination.[0] Speaking on his online show, Triggered With Don Jr, on the Rumble video platform, Trump Jr. said, “Trump has the charisma of a mortician and the energy that makes Jeb Bush look like an Olympian.” The comment was made in reference to DeSantis, who Trump Jr. was attempting to criticize at the time.[0]

Interestingly, DeSantis is currently seen as the biggest rival to Trump Sr. in the Republican presidential nomination race, but he lags behind by more than 30 points in most polling averages. DeSantis launched his 2024 campaign on Twitter on Wednesday, but technical glitches proved to be a dampener.[0] Analysts have viewed DeSantis as a credible challenger to Trump in the wake of last year’s midterms, but his 2024 campaign has gotten off to a slow start, and Trump still holds a polling lead among GOP primary voters.

Donald Trump was also sharply critical of DeSantis’ campaign announcement on his Truth Social website, writing: “Wow![0] The launch of DeSanctus on TWITTER has been a complete disaster![0] The entire campaign is destined to fail.[0] He also took jabs at DeSantis in a series of social media posts, including one that showed a rocket failure to mock DeSantis’ glitch-filled rollout and another that inserted Hitler and Satan into DeSantis’ event.

On the other hand, Trump Jr. tried to attack DeSantis for the “hashtag DeSaster” of his campaign launch with Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, and David Sacks, a Republican donor, which he said showed he needed “two charismatic billionaires” to help him through.[0] Trump Jr. also criticized DeSantis’ “nasally and effeminate” voice.[0]

During a podcast on Timcast IRL, Trump Jr. spoke about how his father critiques his aggressive behavior on Twitter and his use of hand gestures.

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