Examining Governor Ron DeSantis’ Impact on African American History and Rights

The history of African Americans is complex and multifaceted, including the history of African peoples before the political conflicts that led to the development of slavery, and the history and contributions of Americans of the African diaspora to society.[0] Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis has been seeking to push a ban on diversity, equity and inclusion programs, including critical race theory, at Florida colleges.[1] This comes as the debate surrounding gas stoves has heated up, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission announcing it would consider regulations on indoor air pollution from gas stoves.[2]

The research into the health effects of nitrogen dioxide, which is one of the problematic compounds that gas stoves emit, was established as early as the late ’70s and early ’80s.[2] A meta-analysis of these studies in 92 already estimated gas stoves to increase the odds of children developing respiratory illnesses by something like 20 percent.[2] Later studies focused on benzene, a known carcinogen with no safe level of exposure.

In response to this research, Governor DeSantis released the proposed Fiscal 2023-2024 Framework for Freedom Budget, which includes high-priority conservation items such as eradication and control of pythons and other nonnative fish and wildlife species, enhanced protections for Florida’s manatees and sea turtles, statewide seagrass restoration support, and support for law enforcement.[3] The budget is evidence of Governor DeSantis’ commitment to ensuring Florida’s natural resources will be abundant for future generations to enjoy.[3]

In addition, the Governor is also seeking to change the death penalty law in Florida so that it no longer requires a unanimous jury.[4] In making this statement, it begs the question: what does Governor Ron DeSantis not know about black history and the black experience when he seeks to limit the teaching of slavery and its aftermath in Florida schools?[0]

It is clear that Governor DeSantis’ actions are indicative of a larger trend of pushing for policies that limit the progress of African Americans in the US. It is up to the public to hold their elected leaders accountable and ensure that the rights and freedoms of all Americans are respected and preserved.

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