Florida GOP Leaders Endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for Potential 2024 Presidential Run

Two of Florida’s top Republican legislators, House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate Leader Kathleen Passidomo, have endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis in his still-unofficial bid for presidency in 2024.[0] Passidomo praised DeSantis’s leadership during the pandemic, which she said made Florida “a beacon of liberty and opportunity like never before.”[1] Renner cited DeSantis’s “bold vision, dedicated focus, and commonsense solutions” and said he had a “proven record of delivering on the pro-family, pro-economic ideals” that would be critical in a 2024 presidential election.[2] Both legislators have played a significant role in helping DeSantis push through an aggressive legislative package in recent months, including bills to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, eliminate diversity programs at state universities, and expand restrictions on gender identity and sexual orientation in K-12 schools.[3]

DeSantis’s potential candidacy has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, with his political operation announcing endorsements from 51 New Hampshire state legislators and 37 Iowa state legislators.[4] However, former President Donald Trump remains the front-runner in Republican primary polling, with DeSantis firmly in second place. While DeSantis has not yet formally announced his candidacy, he has been touring key campaign stops around the country and has detached himself from his state political committee, with his press secretary resigning Monday in anticipation of taking a job with the governor’s looming campaign.[3]

The endorsements by Passidomo and Renner are expected to unleash a wave of public endorsements that will help reassert DeSantis’s sway in the state that both he and Trump call home.[3] Trump has already picked up endorsements from a majority of Florida’s congressional delegation, including a couple of members who were seen as being more closely aligned with DeSantis.[3] However, DeSantis has been bolstering his list of supporters in recent days and is expected to unveil a list of endorsements later this week from a “vast majority” of Republican state legislators.[5] He has also summoned his top donors to meetings in Miami on May 25 in conjunction with his expected campaign launch.[6]

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