Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Considers Controversial Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for Leadership Positions in FDA and CDC

Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently made headlines with his statement that he would consider appointing Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to lead either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) if elected president.[0] While DeSantis clarified that he would not choose Kennedy as his running mate, he expressed openness to utilizing Kennedy’s expertise in the medical field.

During an interview with Clay Travis on OutKick, DeSantis explained that he aligns with Kennedy on issues related to corruption and the health bureaucracies, particularly in relation to Dr. Anthony Fauci. However, DeSantis acknowledged that Kennedy’s more liberal views on other issues might create a disconnect with the Republican base. Nevertheless, he suggested that Kennedy could be an asset in leading the FDA or the CDC.

Kennedy, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has been a controversial figure due to his anti-vaccine activism and spreading of vaccine misinformation.[0] He has also faced criticism for his views on Covid-19, including suggesting that the virus was engineered to be less harmful to certain races. Despite his controversial stance, DeSantis believes that Kennedy’s knowledge and perspective on the medical field could be valuable in a potential presidential administration.

DeSantis’s statement has drawn both support and backlash.[0] Critics argue that appointing Kennedy to a position of authority within the FDA or the CDC would be inappropriate given his controversial views on vaccines and Covid-19. They question his credibility and argue that he would not contribute positively to the field of medicine. Additionally, some conservatives argue that DeSantis’s association with Kennedy could harm his chances in the Republican primary.

On the other hand, DeSantis’s supporters argue that Kennedy’s expertise and knowledge on certain issues within the medical field make him a suitable candidate for leading the FDA or the CDC. They believe that his different perspective could bring about positive change and challenge the status quo. However, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis’s statement will have any impact on his campaign or the public’s perception of him.

Overall, DeSantis’s consideration of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for a position in his potential administration has sparked a debate regarding the role of controversial figures in the field of medicine. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it will be interesting to see how this discussion evolves and whether it will have any impact on the candidates’ campaigns.

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