Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Faces Criticism for Icee Comment as Debate on Politicians Enabling Trump Escalates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been receiving criticism for his recent comment about the sugar content in an Icee.[0] However, some people are agreeing with him, stating that it is one of the few sensible things he has ever said. The tweet that sparked the conversation shows DeSantis commenting on the high sugar content of an Icee, to which one person responds, “That’s probably a lot of sugar, huh?”[1]

Marissa Payne, a Twitter user, expressed her agreement with DeSantis’ comment, stating that it is indeed a lot of sugar.[1] The video of DeSantis making the comment was posted by Republicans Against Trump.[2]

The conversation then shifts to a discussion about other politicians and their actions. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki criticized several politicians for enabling former President Donald Trump and his attempts to overturn the election results. She asks what these politicians hope to gain from supporting Trump, suggesting that they may be seeking positions such as vice president or secretary of commerce. Psaki warns that history will remember those who put politics over the country and refused to stand up for democracy.

Psaki specifically mentions former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as politicians who are enabling Trump’s actions.[3] She believes that they are on track to be forgotten in history, while those who stood up for democracy will be remembered.

In response to Psaki’s comments, DeSantis declares that if the focus is on the vision for the future, he will win the election.[4] He believes that if he is the nominee, the election will be about President Biden’s failures and his own vision for the future.[4] However, if Trump is the nominee, the election will revolve around other issues.[4]

Gabe Gutierrez, a reporter, challenges DeSantis’ confidence, pointing out that he is currently trailing by 30 points in the polls.[5] DeSantis responds by saying that he has been actively campaigning in Iowa and is signing up supporters every day.

The article then circles back to the initial Icee comment, with DeSantis reiterating his belief that it contains a significant amount of sugar.

Various tweets and comments from social media users further discuss DeSantis and his presidential campaign. Some criticize his lack of charisma, while others express concern about his recent campaign events.

Psaki’s comments about politicians enabling Trump and the potential consequences of their actions are also highlighted. She suggests that politicians like Governor Asa Hutchinson and Governor Chris Christie, who have distanced themselves from Trump, may be remembered more favorably in history.

The article concludes by mentioning that Psaki’s comments can be watched in full in a video from the “All In with Chris Hayes” show. The video is included for viewers to watch and form their own opinions on the matter.[2]

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