Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may run for president in 2024 without resigning his current position

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may run for president in 2024 without resigning his current position, thanks to a provision passed by the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature.[0] The “resign to run” law, which requires politicians seeking higher office in the state to give up their current post once they qualify for the ballot, will be tweaked to exempt “any person seeking the office of President or Vice President of the United States.”[1] The amendment was added to a broader elections bill, SB 7050, and passed the House in a 76-34 vote along party lines before being sent to DeSantis for his signature.[2]

DeSantis, who has not officially declared his candidacy but is widely expected to do so in the coming weeks, has become a rising star in the GOP since being elected governor in 2019.[3] He won a decisive re-election victory in 2022 and has been touted as a clear candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.[4] However, former President Donald Trump, with whom DeSantis was once an ally, has relentlessly attacked the governor, even without him officially launching his campaign.[3] Trump has accused DeSantis of being disloyal to the Republican Party and has criticized his past stances on Social Security and Medicare.[3] He has also attacked DeSantis for his policy choices during the COVID-19 pandemic, often referring to him as “DeSanctimonious.”

The provision allowing DeSantis to run for president without resigning his current position has drawn criticism from Democrats, who accuse Republicans of doing the governor’s bidding. Some argue that being governor is a full-time job and that running for president takes a lot of work.[5] However, Republicans argue that clarifying the resign-to-run law is necessary, especially given the possibility that Florida could produce a future president or vice president. State Senator Danny Burgess, the chair of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, said, “should we be fortunate enough to have a president or vice president from Florida one day, we’ve cleared that air.”

DeSantis is currently traveling in Asia for an international business trade mission and has not yet commented on the provision.[6] However, he has said that he will not decide on a 2024 presidential run until after the legislative session ends in early May.[6] In the meantime, he has been promoting his new book and his “Florida Blueprint,” visiting all four early presidential primary states this year: Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.[6]

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