Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Opposes Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently introduced legislation that would ban the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in Florida.[0] This came after DeSantis condemned the Federal Reserve’s FedNow service, which some analysts believe is the backbone for an eventual CBDC. However, a Fed spokesperson clarified that FedNow is not related to a digital currency and is not intended to eliminate other forms of payment, like cash. FedNow is a payments service the Federal Reserve is making available for banks and credit unions to transfer funds, launching in July 2023.[1]

CBDCs are a proposal that the Fed and the Treasury Department are considering, and China already has it.[2] The Fed says it “has made no decisions” on whether to pursue the idea, though a limited variation called FedNow is set to start in July.[3] In the event that the Fed decides to create its own digital currency, it would function as a type of electronic cash supported by the central bank and would not entirely substitute other forms of currency.[2]

Although DeSantis presents his objections as being against cryptocurrency, his true aim is to replace it with a more secure alternative, known as CBDC.[3] In the Fed paper, it was stated that a CBDC would be the most secure digital asset accessible to the public, devoid of any credit or liquidity risk.[3] Although the Fed would be responsible for issuing the currency, it would still be distributed by private banks and regulated nonbank financial service providers, just like paper currency currently is.[3]

However, DeSantis believes that unaccountable institutions cannot impose a CBDC on Americans, and that major changes in policy require specific authorization from Congress, as it is constitutionally required. He opposes the idea of the Fed controlling a digital dollar, and believes that CBDCs “grease the slippery slope to financial slavery and political tyranny.”[3]

In conclusion, while the FedNow service is not related to a digital currency, the Fed and Treasury Department are considering the idea of a CBDC. The pros and cons of a CBDC include faster payment clearances and financial inclusion, but also raise thorny policy questions about the fundamental structure of the U.S. financial system and consumer privacy.[2] Meanwhile, DeSantis opposes the idea of a CBDC and believes that major changes in policy require specific authorization from Congress.

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