Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Unveils ‘Mission First’ Military Policy Proposal, Aims to Eliminate ‘Woke’ Ideology

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has unveiled his military policy proposal, which focuses on enacting a “mission first” approach in the U.S. Armed Forces and eliminating what he refers to as “woke” ideology.[0] The governor, who is a military veteran himself, outlined his plan during a campaign event in South Carolina on Tuesday. DeSantis aims to restore American confidence in the armed forces by implementing several key changes, although some critics argue that addressing cultural issues should not overshadow the importance of preventing potential conflicts.

One of the major changes DeSantis proposes is to revoke a policy that allows transgender individuals to serve in the military in their preferred gender identity. He also plans to reinstate personnel who were dismissed for refusing a coronavirus vaccine and put an end to Department of Defense efforts to combat extremism.[1] Additionally, DeSantis wants to establish gender-neutral standards for both men and women serving in the armed forces and oppose the inclusion of women in a military draft.[1] He argues that these changes are necessary to prioritize the military’s core mission and ensure readiness.

Furthermore, DeSantis intends to eliminate what he calls “diversity bureaucrats” and all diversity and inclusion programs, policies, and positions within the armed forces.[2] He specifically mentions ending drag shows on military bases and revoking an executive order that allows transgender personnel to serve in their preferred gender. The governor also pledges to cut off taxpayer funding for sex change surgeries and hormone therapies, citing readiness issues.[3]

DeSantis has received support from Senator Tommy Tuberville in his efforts to block military nominations and promotions until the Biden administration ceases to use taxpayer funds for abortions among military personnel and their families.[4] The governor encourages other Republican senators to join Tuberville’s cause, arguing that the Department of Defense should focus on more pressing matters such as ammunition and recruitment.

The governor’s military policy proposals have drawn criticism from the Biden administration and others who argue that his focus on cultural issues detracts from the military’s primary mission. However, DeSantis defends his stance, stating that there is a need to address what he considers the infiltration of “wokeness” in the armed forces. He argues that a military focused on being lethal, ready, and capable should not be hindered by any agenda that conflicts with these goals.[3]

DeSantis emphasizes the importance of restoring confidence, conviction, and patriotic duty in the military, stating that it is time to remove the influence of “woke” ideology.[5] He believes that the military has been infected and paralyzed by a political agenda and seeks to return it to its core mission.[5] The governor’s proposals aim to instill a sense of purpose and effectiveness in the armed forces while upholding traditional values and principles.

Despite the controversy surrounding his military policy proposals, DeSantis remains committed to his vision of a strong and focused military. He argues that his plan will help restore the armed forces’ reputation and ensure that they are capable of fulfilling their duties effectively. Whether his proposals will gain widespread support or face further opposition remains to be seen, but DeSantis is determined to make his mark on the military if elected president.

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