Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan to End Birthright Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants

On June 28, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a significant announcement during his visit to the Texas border. He stated that if elected president next year, he would take action to eliminate birthright citizenship for American-born children of illegal aliens. This aligns with the promise made by former President Donald Trump, who also pledged to end birthright citizenship during his presidency, although he never followed through.

DeSantis released a detailed list of immigration objectives, which included his plan to eliminate the constitutional guarantee of citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States.[0] He expressed his intention to end the idea that the children of illegal aliens are entitled to birthright citizenship if they are born in the country. DeSantis emphasized the need to use deadly force to prevent drug cartels from crossing the border wall and running illicit products into the country.[1] He stated that by taking strong action against these criminals, they would be deterred from further attempts.

The issue of birthright citizenship has been a topic of debate in the United States for some time. Birthright citizenship is a policy that grants citizenship to anyone born within the country’s borders. It is protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states that all persons born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the country.[2] However, some argue that this interpretation of the 14th Amendment is not consistent with its original understanding.[3]

DeSantis’ proposal to end birthright citizenship would require challenging the rights explicitly granted in the U.S. Constitution. The Trump administration previously considered using an executive order to end birthright citizenship but did not succeed.[4] Many legal experts agree that changing birthright citizenship would require a constitutional amendment.

DeSantis’ immigration plan also includes other measures to secure the southern border.[5] He called for the completion of the border wall, the end of “catch and release” policies, and the reinstatement of the “Remain in Mexico” policy. He aims to be more aggressive than Trump in empowering state and local officials to enforce immigration laws.[6]

Critics argue that DeSantis’ plan consists of ideas that have already been proposed by Trump and faced legal challenges. They question the feasibility and legality of some of his proposals. However, DeSantis is determined to bring the issue of immigration to a conclusion, as he believes that politicians in Washington have been discussing it for years without taking decisive action.[2]

While DeSantis’ immigration plan has received support from some quarters, it is expected to face significant opposition. The proposal to end birthright citizenship, in particular, will likely be met with legal challenges due to its conflict with the 14th Amendment. Despite this, DeSantis remains steadfast in his commitment to addressing immigration issues and delivering results rather than hollow rhetoric or empty promises.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, immigration is likely to remain a prominent issue on the national stage. DeSantis’ plan, along with other policy proposals from various candidates, will shape the debate and influence the direction of the country’s immigration policies. It remains to be seen how voters will respond to these proposals and whether they will support candidates who advocate for stricter immigration measures.

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