Florida Republican Activist Arrested for Voter Fraud: A Reminder of the Importance of Election Security

In a recent development in the ongoing investigation into voter fraud during the 2020 elections, a 58-year-old man named Robert Rivernider Jr. has been arrested and charged with forgery and voter fraud.[0] The arrest took place in Sumter County, Florida, and Rivernider was released on $10,000 bail the following day.[1]

According to the complaint filed by Sumter County Elections Supervisor Bill Keen, Rivernider is accused of signing a vote-by-mail ballot for his deceased father in 2020.[2] The ballot was signed and dated on October 16, 2020, but postmarked on October 23, 2020.[3] Keen noted that there were similarities between Rivernider Jr.’s signature and his father’s signature on the ballot, even though previous signatures from the father appeared different.

This incident is not an isolated case in The Villages, Florida, as several residents have faced charges of voter fraud related to the 2020 elections. News 6 reported that at least four Villages residents were charged with voting twice in the election. However, all of them entered into a pre-trial intervention program to avoid potential prison time.[4] Additionally, four other individuals were charged with casting more than one ballot in the 2020 election but received light sentences, primarily consisting of civics classes.

Robert Rivernider Jr. is known as a Republican Party activist, with experience in various party campaigns, including the Trump and Bush/Cheney presidential campaigns and the Laura Loomer congressional campaign in 2022. He self-identifies on his website as a GOP campaign consultant, speaker, debate moderator, and strategist who organizes events for Village Republicans.

The allegations against Rivernider Jr. raise concerns about the integrity of the electoral process and the potential for fraud. The fact that he allegedly forged his deceased father’s signature on a vote-by-mail ballot highlights the importance of robust security measures to prevent such incidents.

The Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Office did not count the ballot in question because it was postmarked four days after the father’s death.[0] An examination of the father’s ballot revealed that the signature resembled that of Rivernider Jr., rather than any previous signatures from the father.

This arrest comes as part of a broader effort to investigate and address instances of voter fraud in the 2020 elections. The establishment of the Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security by Governor Ron DeSantis in 2022 reflects the commitment to ensuring the integrity of the electoral process and holding individuals accountable for fraudulent activities.

As the investigation progresses, it is crucial to maintain trust in the electoral system and take necessary measures to prevent voter fraud in future elections. This case serves as a reminder that vigilance and stringent security protocols are necessary to safeguard the democratic process and uphold the fundamental principles of fair and free elections.

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