Governor DeSantis Presents Proposed Framework for Freedom Budget and More

Governor Ron DeSantis recently released his proposed Framework for Freedom Budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, which includes a $3.9 billion increase over the current year’s budget and $2 billion in tax relief for Florida families.[0] The budget also includes high-priority conservation items such as python eradication and control, as well as enhanced protections for manatees, sea turtles, and seagrass restoration.[0] Additionally, it includes support for law enforcement and realignment of priorities across state agencies.[1]

In addition to the budget proposal, DeSantis has made it clear that he is seeking to ban diversity, equity and inclusion programs, including critical race theory, at Florida colleges.[2] He has also proposed $100 million for the recruitment and retention of highly qualified faculty at state universities.[3]

DeSantis is also pushing to change the law so that death penalties in Florida no longer require a unanimous jury.[4] He has voiced his opinion that “maybe 8 out of 12” jurors should suffice.[5]

The Governor’s budget proposals and other initiatives will be presented to the Florida House and Senate for consideration during their Session beginning March 7th.[1] Despite the Governor’s recommendations, the Legislature ultimately determines the state budget for the year.[1]

Finally, Disney has made its first public statement this year about the Reedy Creek Improvement District, reiterating their commitment to providing a high-quality experience for guests who visit the resorts each year.[6]

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