Governor DeSantis Removed Warren Based on Political Narrative, Not Evidence of Public Safety Concerns

In the summer of 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis removed local prosecutor Andrew H. Warren from his job, accusing progressive prosecutors of “undermining public safety” and being “devastating to the rule of law”.[0] However, a review of internal documents, court records, and testimony suggests that this removal was based more on a preconceived political narrative than evidence of Warren’s negative effects on public safety in his community.[0]

Months before suspending Warren, DeSantis had ordered his staff to locate progressive prosecutors who were letting criminals go free.[0] Under oath, his aides later acknowledged that they had deliberately avoided investigating Warren too closely, so that they would not tip him off and reverse his policies — thwarting the goal of making an example of him.[0] When contrary information did materialize, DeSantis and his lawyers dismissed or ignored it.[1]

The governor also planned with the media, giving special focus to news outlets, and promoted the removal of Warren on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.[0] After the news conference, DeSantis aides exerted influence over communications at the state attorney’s office to ensure that the takeover did not result in negative coverage.[1] After Warren’s removal, the governor’s aides attempted to obtain records from Warren’s office that could potentially justify DeSantis’ decision.[1]

DeSantis appears to have removed Warren from his job for political gain, rather than evidence-based public safety concerns in his community.[0] He even omitted crime statistics justifying Warren’s suspension from his executive order, amid a lack of evidence tying Warren’s policies to public safety issues.[0] The governor has signalled his intention to target other prosecutors with whom he disagrees, and Warren is currently suing for his reinstatement.

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