Governor DeSantis Swings for the Fences in Florida’s 2023 Legislative Session

On Tuesday, Florida lawmakers began the 2023 legislative session with Governor Ron DeSantis’ first state of the state speech of his second term.[0] In his speech, DeSantis aimed to reach a national political audience, touting the state’s success and vowing to “swing for the fences” in order to keep Florida number one.[1] Rumors continue to circulate that DeSantis is planning a potential White House bid, and his recent moves have put him on the radar as a potential favorite for the Republican Party.[2]

During the session, we can expect to see movement on bills promoting permitless carry of firearms, an expansion of the school voucher program, and more restrictions on public schools when it comes to topics such as LGBTQ and diversity issues.[3] There is also pressure from the right to eliminate the state permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida, which currently requires a background check and proof of training.[4]

In addition, Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would allow Floridians to carry a firearm without a state license.[5] Democrats and gun-control advocates have criticized DeSantis for removing one of the few checks on firearms in the state, while gun-rights activists have said the measure doesn’t go far enough.[4]

The Live Local Act is another bill that will be considered during the session.[6] If passed, it will provide more local control over small businesses. DeSantis has expressed his support for the measure.[7]

Overall, this legislative session will be a critical time for Governor DeSantis, as he seeks to further his agenda and possibly launch a stronger presidential bid. It is unclear if DeSantis will declare his run until the end of the session on May 5, but his “you ain’t seen nothing yet” comment is sure to leave many eager to find out.

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