Inside the High-Stakes Fundraising Battle: Leaked Audio Reveals Super PAC’s $50 Million Plea for DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

In the world of politics, fundraising plays a crucial role in determining a candidate’s success. This was evident in a recent leaked audio recording obtained by CNN, where top officials of a super PAC supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were heard pleading for an additional $50 million from wealthy donors. The recording, which was made on August 23, revealed the urgency and pressure the super PAC, known as Never Back Down, was facing to secure substantial financial support.

The CEO of Never Back Down, Chris Jankowski, can be heard on the tape saying, “We just need your help getting $50 million more by the end of the year, and $100 million more by the end of March.”[0] The super PAC was calling on donors to contribute large sums of money to ensure DeSantis had the necessary resources for his presidential campaign. They emphasized the importance of fundraising, stating that it would help increase DeSantis’ media exposure and make him more likable to voters.

However, it seems that the fundraising efforts of Never Back Down have hit a roadblock. The super PAC announced that it would be suspending its door-knocking operations in several states, including Nevada, California, Texas, and North Carolina. Instead, they plan to redirect their resources towards three early-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. This shift in strategy suggests that the super PAC sees significant opportunities in these states and wants to focus its efforts there.

The leaked audio recording also shed light on the super PAC’s opinion of other Republican candidates. Jeff Roe, a strategist for Never Back Down, reportedly made dismissive comments about Senator Tim Scott, former Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Vice President Mike Pence. Roe expressed doubts about their presidential prospects and instead placed his confidence in DeSantis. He declared that DeSantis and former President Donald Trump were the frontrunners and that the super PAC needed $50 million to support their campaign.

The fundraising goal of Never Back Down is ambitious, but they believe it is necessary to compete in the highly competitive field of Republican presidential candidates.[1] They aim to raise $50 million by the end of the year, surpassing the $47 million they raised between March and June.[2] Their plan is to invest heavily in advertising, particularly in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. The super PAC has already made significant advertising reservations, spending over $12 million on airtime in these states.

The leaked audio recording also highlighted the significance of media coverage in a presidential race. COO Kristin Davison stated that Donald Trump receives approximately $30 million of earned media every day, while Never Back Down is in second place with $5-6 million.[0] The super PAC believes that generating media attention is crucial for DeSantis’ campaign and plans to use fundraising to achieve this goal.

The recent debate held in Milwaukee provided some positive news for DeSantis, as surveyed Republican voters declared him the winner. A Washington Post/FiveThirtyEight/Ipsos poll conducted after the debate showed that 29% of respondents believed DeSantis performed the best, narrowly beating out businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who garnered 26% support.[3] This positive reception from voters could help boost DeSantis’ campaign and attract more donors to support his bid for the presidency.

In conclusion, the leaked audio recording from Never Back Down provides insights into the intense fundraising efforts and strategic decisions being made by the super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign. The urgency to secure $50 million and the redirection of resources towards key early-voting states demonstrate the high stakes involved in the 2024 presidential race. With the support of wealthy donors and a strong media presence, DeSantis hopes to position himself as a frontrunner in the Republican primary and ultimately secure the party’s nomination.

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