Introducing Parents Never Back Down: A Grassroots Coalition Supporting Governor Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Bid

In an exclusive announcement, Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting Governor Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) presidential bid, has unveiled the creation of a new grassroots coalition called Parents Never Back Down.[0] This coalition aims to rally parents behind DeSantis’s campaign, highlighting his track record of advocating for the American family and protecting children’s interests.

The formation of Parents Never Back Down reflects the shared advisers between DeSantis’s campaign and Youngkin’s campaign, including Republican strategist Jeff Roe and Ellen Walter, who previously served as the director of Women for Glenn on Youngkin’s campaign.[0] These common connections suggest a unified effort to support DeSantis’s bid for the presidency.

Ellen Walter, the director of coalitions for Never Back Down, expressed her confidence in DeSantis’s commitment to education and children’s welfare. She stated that no candidate has done more for schools and children in the past six years than Governor DeSantis.[0] With Parents Never Back Down, the coalition aims to build on the widespread support DeSantis already enjoys from parents and grow the movement behind him into the largest ever seen in a presidential primary.

The parents who have joined the coalition were attracted to DeSantis because of his stance against what they perceive as “indoctrination” in schools, particularly in Florida.[0] They believe that DeSantis will continue this fight at the federal level if elected president, ensuring that children are not subjected to sexualized material, radical transgender ideology, or divisive Critical Race Theory in schools.[0] Elicia Brand, a co-chair of Parents Never Back Down, expressed her confidence in DeSantis’s ability to protect vulnerable children from such ideologies.

The coalition emphasizes that DeSantis and Never Back Down have consistently fought against what they view as dangerous “woke ideology” and will continue to do so if DeSantis enters the White House.[1] The parents trust that DeSantis will prioritize American families and make decisions that benefit children.

A recent ad featuring DeSantis expresses gratitude for former President Donald Trump’s contribution to the economy. DeSantis acknowledges that Trump faced significant opposition from the media and praises his success in appointing judges to the Supreme Court and appeals court. This ad reinforces DeSantis’s alignment with Trump’s policies and positions.

While DeSantis and his campaign rally the support of parents and highlight his achievements, Trump himself is facing legal troubles. He has been indicted and pleaded not guilty to charges related to his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.[1] This contrasting situation further underscores the importance of DeSantis’s campaign and the need for a candidate who can carry on Trump’s legacy.

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, DeSantis’s bid for the presidency gains momentum with the formation of Parents Never Back Down. With a focus on education and protecting children from perceived ideological threats, DeSantis aims to secure the support of parents across the nation. Whether he can translate this grassroots coalition into a successful presidential campaign remains to be seen, but the formation of Parents Never Back Down signals a significant development in DeSantis’s political journey.

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