Jen Psaki Questions Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Campaign and Motivations, Criticizes Republican Contenders in Fiery Exchange

In recent weeks, the actions and statements of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have raised concerns and prompted questions about his presidential campaign.[0] MSNBC host and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki openly questioned DeSantis’s motives and mental state, asking, “Are you OK, Governor? I mean, for real, are you good?”[0]

Psaki’s remarks came as she observed DeSantis’s increasingly bizarre campaign for the White House. She suggested that it’s perfectly fine if DeSantis doesn’t actually want to run for president, emphasizing that there’s no shame in that decision.[0] Psaki pointed out that the events of the last few weeks, including DeSantis’s floundering in the polls, burning through cash, and defending the merits of slavery, raise doubts about his true intentions. She even questioned if his campaign was a cry for help.

Furthermore, Psaki criticized other Republican candidates for enabling DeSantis’s campaign, despite his involvement in the attempted coup. She questioned what they hoped to gain from supporting him, speculating whether Nikki Haley wanted to be vice president or if Tim Scott desired to be secretary of commerce. Psaki cautioned that these candidates would likely be forgotten in history, remembered only as individuals who prioritized politics over the country’s democracy.

Psaki’s comments were met with a response from Governor DeSantis, who confidently declared that his campaign would focus on Biden’s failures and the vision for the future, suggesting that he had a chance of winning the presidency. However, Gutierrez, another reporter, reminded DeSantis that he was trailing by 30 points in the polls.

In response, DeSantis seemed defensive and slightly flustered, insisting that his campaign was making progress by signing up people in Iowa. Psaki, unimpressed by DeSantis’s response, reiterated her earlier question, questioning the motives of other Republican contenders and expressing bewilderment at their involvement in the race. She particularly singled out Mike Pence, stating that she had no idea what he wanted to achieve.[1]

Psaki also highlighted the fact that standing by Trump in the primary was not yielding positive results for the Republican candidates. Mike Pence might not even qualify for the debate stage, DeSantis was significantly behind in Iowa despite his campaign’s optimism, and Tim Scott was losing his own state of South Carolina by a substantial margin.[1]

Psaki concluded her critique by acknowledging that some contenders, such as Hutchinson and Christie, had made the decision not to be remembered as enablers in the history books, suggesting that their stance held some value.

In summary, Jen Psaki’s remarks highlighted concerns about Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign and questioned the motivations of other Republican contenders. She criticized DeSantis’s actions and statements, suggesting that he may not truly want to run for president.[2] Psaki also pointed out the lack of success among candidates who aligned themselves with Trump and highlighted the importance of not being remembered as enablers in the future.

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