Liberal Fears of a DeSantis Presidency – Is It Too Early to Tell?

As rumors of a possible presidential bid by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continue to circulate, liberal fears of a DeSantis presidency are growing.[0] DeSantis has earned a reputation as a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, and has built a record in his home state of promoting right-wing values and pushing for draconian laws. His recent visit to Iowa, where he was promoting his new book, “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival,” has only heightened the speculation.

DeSantis has been blindsided by Republican lawmakers in his home state who just introduced a six-week ban on various activities, a move that could potentially help or hurt his presidential ambitions. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are busy helping DeSantis in his “war on woke,” and there is speculation that he will announce his bid for the White House after the legislative session ends in early May.

But, as Matthew Yglesias points out in his column for Bloomberg Opinion, it’s still too early to tell what a DeSantis campaign would be about. While he has been an early and eager Trump supporter and has backed privatizing Social Security and Medicare, it’s OK not to know yet what a DeSantis campaign would be all about. As Yglesias notes, it’s only March 2023, and liberal fears of a DeSantis presidency may still be premature.

0. “Analysis | Who’s Worse, Trump or DeSantis? A Pointless Liberal Debate” The Washington Post, 5 Mar. 2023,

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