MAGA Inc. Alleges DeSantis is Abusing Office and Violating Finance Laws in Pursuit of 2024 Presidential Run

Make America Great Again Inc., a pro-Trump super PAC, is filing a 15-page complaint Wednesday with the Florida Commission on Ethics, a draft of which was obtained exclusively by NBC News.[0] The group is alleging that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is using a “shadow presidential campaign” to amass “significant personal wealth and political capital” in violation of state and federal finance laws.[1]

The issue at stake is Florida’s resign-to-run law, which necessitates that those in office who are looking to obtain another office must resign from their present position if the terms of the two posts overlap.[2] Evidence in the filing suggests that DeSantis has been very active in attempting to demonstrate that he has “abused his office and abdicated his official duties in favor of pursuing his national political interests.”[3] These activities include pro-DeSantis super PACs, state-level political contributions, and a “personally lucrative book tour.”

DeSantis has not announced a 2024 run, but he’s been touted as a strong contender for the GOP nomination by Republican insiders.[4] On Thursday, ex-homeland security official Ken Cuccinelli of the Trump Administration established a super PAC in support of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential race, signifying another Trump associate who has aligned himself with DeSantis as he contemplates the Republican Party’s nomination for next year.[5]

In a video launching the “Never Back Down” PAC, Ken Cuccinelli, who was the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security in the Trump Administration, urged viewers to support Ron DeSantis as President of the United States, saying: “America’s future is Ron DeSantis.”[5] Ken Cuccinelli’s decision to join forces with Ron DeSantis is noteworthy, considering his prior connection to ex-president Donald Trump.[6]

MAGA Inc. claims that DeSantis is accumulating considerable wealth via a “amass significant wealth” and has not declared his intention to run for president, which is in contravention of the state’s resign-to-run law.[7] The complaint also raises issue with the $12 million DeSantis has raised through a state political committee – much of it in the form of seven-figure donations from wealthy donors – that is likely to be shifted into a federal committee.[8]

If the commission finds DeSantis has violated Florida laws, MAGA Inc. is calling for “the most severe penalties permitted,” including disqualifying him from the ballot and removing him from office.[9]

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