Neo-Nazis Protest Outside Walt Disney World, Sparking Condemnation and Highlighting Ongoing Power Struggle with Gov. DeSantis

On June 12 2023, a group of around 15 Neo-Nazis gathered outside Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, waving swastika flags and holding signs displaying pro-Gov.[0] Messages from Ron DeSantis.[1] The protest, which lasted about two hours, was the first for the newly-established hate group, Order of the Black Sun.[2] The event also saw two counter-protesters show up, but no arrests were made.[3] The protest was met with widespread condemnation, with many expressing disgust at the use of Nazi symbols and hate speech outside the popular theme park.[4]

Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney co-founder Roy O. Disney, was one of the many voices to speak out against the protest.[5] She tweeted that her grandfather was “spinning in his grave” at the sight of the Nazi flags outside the park. Abigail Disney has been vocal in her opposition to Gov.[5] DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ+ “don’t say gay” legislation, which he signed into law last year, and has been in a near-constant power struggle against the governor since then.

The Florida Holocaust Museum also spoke out against the protest, saying it “insulted Disney parkgoers.”[6] The museum urged people to continue speaking out against hatred and bigotry, stating that “flaunting hate symbols to children and families reflects the same cruelty and lack of regard for human dignity that has characterized the Nazi movement since its beginning.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to the incident, said that while they deplored hate speech in any form, people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate.[7] DeSantis and Disney have been engaged in a feud for months. DeSantis attempted to eliminate Disney’s unique tax district status earlier this year, resulting in the Florida legislature removing Disney’s authority over the district’s supervisory committee.[8] Subsequently, DeSantis invalidated two contracts that were approved by the previous board, which was headed by Disney, which had given the company authority over construction within its unique region.[8]

In response, Disney sued DeSantis and state officials, accusing them of a “targeted campaign of government retaliation.”[9] The lawsuit alleges that the Florida government was engaged in “a targeted campaign of government retaliation” against Disney for speaking out against the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.[2] Disney withdrew its $1 billion office complex construction plan in Orlando last month.[8]

The protest outside Walt Disney World has been widely condemned, with many expressing their disgust at the use of Nazi symbols and hate speech. The incident highlights the ongoing power struggle between Gov. DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company, and the tensions between the two sides are unlikely to dissipate anytime soon.

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