Protesters Interrupt Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Speech at NH Republican Fundraiser Over Antisemitism Allegations and Planned Israel Trip

Protesters interrupted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ speech at a Republican Party fundraising event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday, April 14.[0] The organization behind the protest called DeSantis antisemitic as he gears up for an expected 2024 presidential campaign.[1] In a press release sent to Insider, IfNotNow, the nonprofit organization responsible for the protest, stated that their intention was to draw attention to the governor’s policies and his scheduled trip to Israel.[2] According to the group, the nation is accountable for the surge in aggression against Palestinians.[2]

DeSantis has been speaking at events around the country, Ohio on Thursday night and Virginia earlier Friday, before the expected announcement he plans to run for president in 2024. In a private ceremony late Thursday, he signed a bill that bans abortion in Florida after six weeks of pregnancy, a move that could be popular among some conservatives but unpopular among the broader electorate.[3] DeSantis has also previously dubbed himself “the most pro-Israel governor in America,” praising Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and accusing Palestinian Arabs of causing the conflict in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.[4]

Amidst the event, a group of protesters rushed towards the stage while chanting “DeSantis, Jews are against you!” As DeSantis was delivering his speech, security removed the activists from the stage who were shouting, “DeSantis, not supported by Jews!” A banner with the words “Ron DeSantis: Loves Israel, hates Jews” was also being carried.[5] DeSantis responded to the incident by telling the audience that “you’ve got to have a little spice in the speech. Right,” before quickly returning to his prepared remarks.[6]

The Amos Tuck Dinner, a crucial fundraising occasion for the New Hampshire Republican Party, was featuring DeSantis as its main attraction.[7] In anticipation of a probable presidential campaign declaration, the governor has recently journeyed to several states.[1] On Thursday, he participated in a Republican fundraiser in Ohio, and on Friday, he spoke at Liberty University in Virginia.[1] Traveling across the nation, DeSantis has given speeches in crucial states including Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio, where he was invited as a distinguished guest at the Butler County GOP Lincoln Day dinner on Thursday.

Although DeSantis has not yet declared his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, many believe he is one of the top competitors to challenge former President Donald Trump.[0] Despite the interruption, DeSantis continued his remarks, telling the crowd, “you say it very clearly: Live Free or Die,” in reference to New Hampshire’s state motto.[8] A representative for DeSantis and the New Hampshire Republican Party did not immediately respond to insider’s request for comment. A representative for IfNotNow did not immediately respond to questions sent by insider. The DoubleTree by Hilton in Manchester, where the event took place, refused to provide any comment when contacted over the phone.[2]

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