Protestors Interrupt Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Speech at New Hampshire GOP Fundraiser

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was interrupted during a speech he was giving at a Republican Party fundraiser in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday night. Two protestors, who were part of the nonprofit group IfNotNow, ran onto the stage shouting “Jews against DeSantis” before being quickly removed by security.[0] IfNotNow released a press statement claiming that the protest was meant to bring attention to the governor’s policies and his upcoming trip to Israel, which they allege is responsible for increased violence towards Palestinians.[1] DeSantis, who has previously dubbed himself the most “pro-Israel governor in America,” appeared unfazed by the interruption, quipping, “You’ve gotta have a little spice in the speech. You got to have a little fun.”[2]

The event, which was the state Republican Party’s largest annual fundraising gala, drew a large crowd of GOP insiders and donors, as well as protesters.[3] A few dozen protesters had also gathered outside the venue to oppose DeSantis’ policies on LGBTQ issues.[4] The governor, who is considered one of the strongest contenders to take on former President Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, spoke with pride about his conservative wins, but made no mention of a major bill he signed less than 24 hours before his speech.[5] In a private ceremony on Thursday, DeSantis signed a bill that bans abortion in Florida after six weeks of pregnancy, a move that could be popular among some conservatives but unpopular among the broader electorate.[6]

DeSantis is known for implementing legislation that limits discussions of gender, sexuality, and race in schools.[7] His appearance at the Amos Tuck Dinner, hosted by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, featured him as the headline speaker.[8] The dinner is named after Amos Tuck, an attorney and member of Congress in the 1800s who is believed to have founded the Republican Party in Exeter, New Hampshire during the 1850s.[9] During his speech, DeSantis praised the people of New Hampshire for their clear stance on liberty, saying, “More than any other state, you don’t mince words when it comes to your stand on liberty. You say it very clearly: Live Free or Die.”[10]

The interruption did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm of the event, however, as DeSantis’s keynote drove a fundraising boon of over $380,000 as of Friday, according to state GOP Chairman Chris Ager.[11] The biggest yearly fundraiser for the state’s GOP is the Amos Tuck Dinner.[9] Over 500 people sat for DeSantis’s speech, including local leaders and political titans such as Republican state House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and former Massachusetts GOP Sen. Scott Brown.[11]

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