Pulitzer Prize Finalist Ben Montgomery Fired After Criticizing Florida Press Release

Axios reporter Ben Montgomery was fired this week after he responded to an email from the Florida Department of Education press office, calling a news release “propaganda.”[0]

The press release in question was an “in case you missed it” on Gov. Ron DeSantis hosting a roundtable “exposing the diversity equity and inclusion scam in higher education.”[1] Montgomery sent his response three minutes after receiving the email.[2]

Montgomery, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, received a call from Axios Local Executive Editor Jamie Stockwell on Monday evening.[3] Stockwell asked Montgomery to confirm he sent the email before saying the reporter’s “reputation in the Tampa Bay area” had been “irreparably tarnished.”[1]

Montgomery poked fun at the situation on Wednesday by retweeting Vanity Fair Staff Writer Charlotte Klein, who shared the news of his firing.[1] Axios editor-in-chief Sara Kehaulani confirmed to Fox News that he is “no longer with Axios,” but declined to comment further.[3]

The roundtable discussed several controversial topics and their impact on the state’s higher education, including “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives (DEI).[4] Montgomery’s email reply was seen as a criticism of the governor’s press office and the message they were trying to send.

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