Republican Mega-Donor Withdraws Support for DeSantis’ Potential 2024 Presidential Campaign

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ potential 2024 presidential campaign is facing setbacks as Republican mega-donor Thomas Peterffy has announced he will no longer support him.[0] Peterffy cited DeSantis’ extreme stances on abortion and education as reasons for his reluctance to back him. Other high-level Republican donors are reportedly also turning away from DeSantis, with some even sharing their group chat conversations with Rolling Stone expressing concerns over the governor’s recent missteps, including his description of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “territorial dispute.” DeSantis has also signed a six-week abortion ban into law and has sought to ban books dealing with LGBTQ+ issues from Florida public schools.[1] Despite polls earlier this year showing DeSantis closing the gap with former President Trump for the lead in hypothetical Republican primaries, Trump has maintained a significant advantage in recent polling.[2]

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