Republican Presidential Hopefuls Hit the Campaign Trail on Independence Day, Trump Absent but Pence and DeSantis Make Their Presence Known

Republican presidential contenders are embarking on the campaign trail as the final Fourth of July approaches before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.[0] Despite the active involvement of most candidates in parades and events, the leading contender, Donald J. Trump, will conspicuously be missing on the country’s Independence Day.[0] Instead, Iowa will be hosting Mike Pence, former vice president of Trump, while two parades in New Hampshire will feature Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Mike Pence, the former vice president, is set to campaign in Iowa, alongside the governor.[1][0] Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, is scheduled to participate in two different parades in New Hampshire. During his visit to the state, he will be joined on stage by Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina and the Governor.[0][1] Doug Burgum, a Republican from North Dakota, and several others.[2] Donald Trump, who will not be participating in campaign events, managed to make time for social media.[2]

Even though it’s a holiday, the 2024 Republican presidential candidates are not pausing their campaign activities on Independence Day.[3] Numerous candidates vying for the presidency participated in parades held in New Hampshire today, among them being the Governor of Florida.[3][1] Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina, and Ron Governor DeSantis.[3] The latest updates from the campaign trail are provided by Aaron Navarro, a political reporter for CBS News.[3]

There were plenty of options for early-state Republican voters seeking personal attention on the Fourth, except for Trump. Government[1] On Tuesday, Ron DeSantis from Florida and a number of other Republican presidential contenders visited New Hampshire, while Mike Pence, the ex-vice president, was in Iowa.

As per a report from, Trump’s campaign aims to have a strong presence in numerous parades and patriotic events across Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.[0] Their goal is to connect with voters who are disappointed with President Joe Biden’s leadership.[0] Although early-state Republican voters may be disappointed by Trump’s absence and the lack of personal attention on the Fourth, candidates such as Pence and DeSantis will actively engage with voters in crucial states.

Williamson and five Republicans – Florida Government[1][1] Ron DeSantis, North Dakota Government[1] Doug Burgum, along with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former Texas State Representative William Hurd, and businessman Perry Johnson, participated in the Independence Day parade in Merrimack. Earlier in the day, others had also participated in parades in Wolfeboro and Amherst.

DeSantis, North Dakota Government[1] On the Fourth of July, Doug Burgum, former representative Will Hurd from Texas, and Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina all participated in a holiday parade in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Marianne Williamson, a Democratic presidential candidate, was also present.[4]

“We appreciate both parades, and we’re going to be doing so much more here,” said Government[4][1] Governor DeSantis.[4] “It was just good to be up here and celebrate Independence Day with a bunch of patriotic Americans.”

“We appreciate both parades, and we’re going to be doing so much more here,” DeSantis told WMUR News. “It was just good to be up here and celebrate Independence Day with a bunch of patriotic America.”

Florida Government[1] Ron DeSantis is scheduled to participate in both the Wolfeboro and Merrimack parades, commencing at 10 a.m. Currently, the conservative governor and advocate for culture wars is in second position in the most recent GOP presidential primary polls, both at a national level and in the Granite State. However, they are significantly behind former President Donald Trump by a considerable margin.[1] As he embarks on his third consecutive presidential campaign, Trump maintains a strong lead as the leading candidate.[1]

The previous president has disrupted the conventional anticipations of the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.[5] They have taken pride in their ability to judge presidential candidates and have consistently insisted on personally getting to know them prior to making the initial vote in the country.

In the past, voters from Iowa and New Hampshire have taken pride in personally acquainting themselves with presidential candidates before making their voting decisions. Nevertheless, Trump’s unorthodox campaign strategy has completely disrupted these preconceived notions.[0] Steven Cheung, a representative for Trump’s 2024 campaign, justified the former president’s nonattendance by highlighting his recent participation in rallies and public appearances over the Independence Day weekend.[0]

It is possible that the retail politics tradition in Iowa and New Hampshire is not as important as it once was. This tradition originated in a time when super PACs did not dominate the media, social media did not reach voters through their phones, and the influence of celebrities was not as widespread. This suggests that the significance of candidate interactions in diners and pizza joints may be exaggerated.

Nevertheless, the significance of the retail politics tradition in Iowa and New Hampshire might be exaggerated in the current political landscape. Due to the emergence of super PACs and the impact of social media, the emphasis has transitioned from establishing personal connections with voters to orchestrating appearances tailored for the cameras.[0] According to Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, DeSantis’ parades serve as a testament to his dedication to the campaign.[0]

By reducing Trump’s public appearances and prioritizing large rallies instead of mingling with a small number of supporters, it may be possible to maintain the former president’s popularity and enigma among his loyal followers, while also projecting a sense of assurance. Republican primary voters are already well aware of their opinions on Trump.[5] Whether or not he succeeds in the primary contest may rely more on external circumstances such as his indictments in two cases, potential trials, and other ongoing investigations, rather than his ability to sway opinions at an Iowa Pizza Ranch.

Regarding Trump, his infrequent public appearances and focus on large rallies may help maintain his celebrity status and attract his loyal followers. The outcome of the primary competition could be influenced by external factors like potential legal matters and upcoming trials. The remaining Republican candidates, who have less organized campaigns and started later, are unable to avoid engaging in direct voter interaction and must depend on conventional campaign tactics to garner support.[0]

Trump subsequently posted a conventional message for Independence Day, extending his wishes with the words, “Wishing everyone a joyful Fourth of July.”[2] We are exerting great effort to reclaim our country and restore America’s greatness. “This is our final opportunity for a significant change – the 2024 election!”

“Sending my best wishes for a joyful FOURTH OF JULY to all.”[4] We are diligently striving towards reclaiming our country and reviving its greatness, as we work relentlessly towards the goal of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. He wrote, expressing that the 2024 Election is our final opportunity for greatness.

There are two opportunities for Iowans to interact with politicians on the Fourth of July. Vice President Pence will be present in both Urbandale and Boone. On the other hand, attendees at the Merrimack parade in New Hampshire can witness numerous candidates without any hassle of moving around.[2] DeSantis, Scott, Burgum, Will Hurd, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Perry Johnson have confirmed their attendance, alongside Marianne Williamson, a Democratic candidate with lower odds and a self-help expert.[2]

Pence plans to traverse the parade route in Urbandale, Iowa, and engage with voters in Boone, Iowa.[0] Several Republican presidential hopefuls, including DeSantis and Senator Tim Scott, will be in attendance at the July 4 parade in Merrimack, New Hampshire.[4] In the meantime, President Biden will host a barbecue for military families at the White House and attend Washington’s customary fireworks display.[0]

In a post on Truth Social, Trump expressed that Ron DeSanctimonious is facing severe criticism for his performance in New Hampshire yesterday. There are no crowds, no enthusiasm, and no interest.[4] The state of his campaign is completely chaotic.[4] He is causing severe harm to himself for the year 2028.[4] See, loyalty does matter with Patriots!”

“Ron DeSanctimonious is getting absolutely ‘demolished’ for yesterday’s performance in New Hampshire,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. There are no crowds, no enthusiasm, and no interest.[4] The state of his campaign is completely chaotic.[4] He is causing severe harm to himself for the year 2028.[4] See, loyalty does matter with Patriots!”

On Independence Day, DeSantis marched in two Granite State parades alongside his family and supporters.[6] DeSantis garnered both applause and criticism during the parade, as reported by Fox News.[6]

Earlier in the day, DeSantis had participated in a parade in Wolfeboro, N.H. During one of the parades that day, videos captured DeSantis and his wife Casey DeSantis shaking hands with onlookers despite getting caught in a heavy rainstorm.[4]

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