Ron DeSantis’ Campaign: Navigating Media Coverage and Internal Challenges

In the world of politics, media coverage plays a significant role in shaping public opinion and perception of candidates. It can make or break a campaign, and the power of the media cannot be underestimated. This is something that the campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis knows all too well.[0]

DeSantis’ campaign spokesperson, Andrew Romeo, recently spoke out against what he called a “media hit job” based on unnamed sources with hidden agendas.[1] He dismissed the media’s portrayal as an attempt to undermine DeSantis’ campaign, asserting that the candidate remains the hardest working with the most robust ground game. Despite media predictions of the campaign’s demise back in August, Romeo expressed confidence that DeSantis would defy the odds once again on January 15.[2]

Interestingly, DeSantis himself has acknowledged the impact of media coverage on his campaign. In an interview, he admitted that the indictments of former President Donald J. Trump had “distorted” the Republican presidential primary.[3] He expressed a wish that Trump hadn’t been indicted on any of the legal issues he faced, as it had overshadowed other important aspects of the campaign.[4] This admission highlights the influence of media coverage on the political landscape and the challenges faced by candidates navigating this complex environment.

There has been a superficial impression that DeSantis is similar to previous successful Republican candidates like Reagan, Bush, and Romney.[5] However, according to Steve Stevens, this is not the case. Stevens argues that DeSantis is a different sort of creature, lacking the positive, expansive, and optimistic qualities of his predecessors. This distinction raises questions about DeSantis’ ability to connect with voters and build a winning coalition.

Furthermore, there are indications of internal turmoil within the DeSantis campaign. Ryan Tyson, a longtime pollster and adviser, reportedly conceded privately that they are reaching a point where they need to “make the patient comfortable.”[5] This phrase, often used in hospice care, suggests a recognition that the campaign may not be able to achieve its desired outcome. This acknowledgement aligns with recent polls that show DeSantis trailing Trump by a significant margin in Iowa.[6]

The Never Back Down super PAC, which supports DeSantis, has also experienced its fair share of challenges.[0] Staff resignations and firings have plagued the organization in recent months, raising further concerns about the viability of the campaign. The group has even canceled its planned television advertising in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first nominating states.[7]

All of these factors contribute to a narrative of a struggling campaign, facing internal and external obstacles. DeSantis, once seen as the top challenger to Trump for the Republican nomination, has failed to regain the close standings he saw with Trump following the 2022 midterm elections.[8] Instead, he has experienced a steady decline in national polls, while Trump continues to dominate the primary field.[7]

In conclusion, the media’s portrayal of Ron DeSantis’ campaign has been a topic of contention. His campaign spokesperson vehemently denies any bias or hidden agendas behind the media coverage, asserting that DeSantis remains the hardest working candidate. However, there are signs of internal turmoil and challenges within the campaign, as well as acknowledgement of the impact of media coverage on the race. As the campaign enters its final stretch, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis can defy the odds and emerge victorious on January 15.

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