Ron Desantis the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida

In the current political climate, it can be difficult to know who to trust as a potential leader. Are you looking for someone who is willing to stand up for traditional conservative values while still advocating for individual freedom and liberty? Then you have got to hear about Ron DeSantis, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida. Read on to find out why he is the perfect choice for those who want a voice in their government.

Ron Desantis the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida

An Overview of Ron Desantis’ Political Platform

Ron Desantis is a Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida. His platform focuses on cutting government spending, lowering taxes, and reducing regulation. He also supports opening up more offshore drilling and allowing Florida to secede from the United States if it became too big a regulatory burden.

In terms of education policy, Ron Desantis wants to increase school choice and reduce bureaucracy in the Department of Education. He also wants to end Common Core (a educational standards program established by Barack Obama) and reform teacher tenure laws. On health care, he favors repealing Obamacare and limiting government involvement in healthcare coverage. He also supports free market solutions like letting individuals purchase insurance across state lines. Finally, he believes that we should take steps to address climate change by promoting renewable energy sources and imposing a CO2 tax on fossil fuels

Desantis on Education Policy

Ron Desantis has proposed a number of policies aimed at cutting government spending and reducing the size of government. One example is his proposal to eliminate all state payroll taxes, which he believes would save Floridians $1.5 billion annually. Additionally, Desantis has called for capping state spending at 10 percent of GDP, abolishing most state agencies, and privatizing many government services.

Based on these positions, it can be seen that Ron Desantis is a staunch libertarian who believes in small government solutions to various problems. He also supports free market principles and lowers taxes as one way to stimulate economic growth.

Ron Desantis the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida

Desantis’ Views on Health Care Reform

Ron Desantis has long been a supporter of free-market capitalism and opposes all forms of government intervention, including subsidies, mandates, and tax increases. He believes that education is the key to unlocking economic opportunity for all Floridians and promises to eliminate Common Core standards in Florida schools in order to give parents more control over what their children are taught. On health care, Ron Desantis says that individuals should be able to purchase insurance across state lines without penalty. He also backs repealing Obamacare and replacing it with market-based solutions such as allowing private insurers to compete freely nationally. Finally, on environmental issues, Ron Desantis wants to slash regulations on businesses and reduce taxation on natural resources in order to help revive the Florida economy.

Ron Desantis the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida

Environment and Energy Policies Supported by the Libertarian Candidate

Desantis’ Commitment to Sustaining Florida’s Natural Resources

Ron Desantis has long been a proponent of preserving Florida’s natural resources and improving the state’s environment. He is a strong supporter of solar energy, calling it “the most effective, affordable, reliable and safe form of energy in the world” and believes that it should be an essential part of Florida’s energy future. He also believes that nuclear power should be used to provide baseload electricity for Floridians, as it does not create any harmful emissions. In addition, Desantis supports eliminating all corporate and personal income taxes in order to reduce government spending and help generate more jobs.

Desantis’ Carbon-Neutrality Goals for Florida

Ron Desantis has long been a proponent of sustainable energy practices and carbon neutrality. He believes that natural resources should be sustainably managed to ensure their long-term productivity and protect the environment. For example, as governor, he would institute an all-of-the-above policy for Florida’s energy sector, including renewable sources like solar and wind power as well as fossil fuels like oil and gas. Additionally, he would impose stiff fines on companies that exceed greenhouse gas emissions standards.

Desantis’ Proposals for Alternative Energy Sources

If elected, Ron Desantis would bring his libertarian principles to the Florida governorship. Among his key environmental policies is a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, which he estimates will require $2 billion in investment. To achieve this goal, he supports the development of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power. He has also spoken out against nuclear power and proposed a tax on oil companies to help fund green energy initiatives

Desantis’ Solutions to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Ron Desantis has called for Florida to become a “leader in alternative energy sources”, and he supports policies that would promote this development. Under his leadership, the State of Florida would develop renewable resources such as biomass, solar, and wind power. He also believes that electric vehicles should be encouraged, and he wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels by improving energy efficiency in state government. Desantis is opposed to subsidies for renewable energy sources, stating that they are inefficient and expensive.

Immigration Stance of Florida’s Gubernatorial Hopeful

Desantis’ Immigration Policies

Ron Desantis has made it clear that he is staunchly against illegal immigration and supports increased deportation rates. He opposes sanctuary cities as well, believing they are a danger to public safety. In terms of legal immigration, Desantis wants to see a reduction in the number of refugees allowed into the country annually. He also wants to see an increase in the number of skilled workers coming into the US through programs like H-1B visas.

Desantis’ Immigration Record

Florida gubernatorial hopeful Ron Desantis has made his stance on immigration clear, supporting a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act and secure borders. He told Fox News in an interview that he “absolutely” believes granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would provide a financial incentive for others to come to the United States illegally.

However, Desantis also supports some type of pathway to citizenship for those who are already in the country illegally. In an interview with The Miami Herald, he said “The first step is securing our border and then have a rational discussion about how we can be helpful and supportive of people who want to come into this country legally.”

His record on immigration matters is mixed. While serving as mayor of Melbourne Beach, Florida, he opposed a proposal that would have provided amnesty to residents in the city who were in the country illegally. He also sought to require those receiving government assistance, such as Social Security and Medicare, to be legal residents.

The Gubernatorial hopeful’s immigration stances contrast with those of his opponent, Democrat Bill Nelson. Nelson has called for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, believing that it is the “humane thing to do.”

Desantis’ Immigration Proposals

Ron Desantis, who is running for Governor of Florida in next year’s election, has a long and varied history with regards to immigration. He was born in New York City but moved to Florida when he was three years old. Though he has stated that he wants “a secure border and effective enforcement,” Desantis also supports some legal immigration and believes that there are benefits to maintaining a diversity in America.

One of the ways that Desantis plans to support legal immigration is through his proposal for a new visa program called the Opportunity Visa Pilot Program. This program would create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who have jobs lined up and are paying taxes. It would also provide these immigrants with Social Security numbers, which would make it easier for them to seek jobs and receive housing benefits.

Apart from implementing new visa programs, Desantis also supports repealing the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This act was passed in 1965 and is considered to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation in U.S. immigration history. The act allows for legal entry into the United States for people who meet certain qualifications, such as being a citizen of a country that is member of the United Nations or having a valid visa.

Desantis has stated that he plans to work with Congress on changing the INA so that it reflects more contemporary values and principles. He believes that this change would help America maintain its position as one of global leaders while still providing adequate security for its citizens.

Desantis’ Stance on Sanctuary Cities

The Libertarian Party’s nominee for Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, has made clear that he does not support sanctuary cities – cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. In an interview with Tampa Bay Times, Desantis stated “I absolutely believe in enforcing our existing immigration laws,” and added: “It doesn’t make any sense to me that we have these sanctuary Cities where people are breaking the law and yet we’re not demanding their cooperation in order to enforce the law.”

Fiscal Posture Proposed by Ron DeSantis

Ron Desantis’ fiscal proposals are geared towards cutting taxes and creating jobs. His top priorities include lowering the corporate tax rate, increasing the standard deduction and reducing business regulations. In order to fund these initiatives, he has proposed eliminating state income taxes and broadening the sales tax to cover more items. He is also in favor of lifting the debt limit so that Florida can start spending money responsibly again.

Ron DeSantis is a strong proponent of limited government and personal freedoms. He deeply values lower taxes, less regulation, and an emphasis on individual responsibility. In the 2018 race for governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis brings an alternative perspective to the traditional Republican/Democrat divide that should not be overlooked. By advocating for policies that prioritize public choice over big government solutions, he has demonstrated his commitment to preserving liberty and promoting small businesses throughout the Sunshine State.

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