Rupert Murdoch Withdraws Support for Ron DeSantis as Potential GOP Candidate for 2024 Presidential Election

In a surprising turn of events, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and other right-leaning outlets, is reportedly souring on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a potential GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Murdoch’s disappointment with former President Donald Trump and his desire for an alternative Republican candidate have been well-documented, but a new report from Rolling Stone magazine suggests that he is no longer backing DeSantis either.[0]

According to sources at Fox News who spoke to Rolling Stone, Murdoch and other top Fox News executives are “transactional” and can “smell a loser a mile away.”[1] They believe that DeSantis is underperforming and that his nonstop cultural-grievance strategy is being executed poorly.[2] Murdoch is said to be concerned that the Republican Party may end up stuck with Trump as their nominee, despite his reservations about the former president.[2]

This shift in Murdoch’s support comes as polls show a close split between DeSantis and Disney, with about 35% of respondents strongly supporting DeSantis and 33% strongly supporting Disney.[3] A recent poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University/Mainstreet Research/PolCom Lab also showed that 47% of Florida voters strongly support DeSantis, while 43% strongly or somewhat support Disney.[4] These numbers indicate that DeSantis is facing challenges in maintaining strong support among voters.[1]

Furthermore, a poll of registered Republican voters in Florida found that DeSantis is 20 points behind Trump in the contest for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.[5] Despite being seen as a strong contender, DeSantis’s campaign has hit a rough patch in recent weeks, with donors privately expressing concerns about his poll numbers.

Even Fox News, a network known for its conservative bias, has questioned DeSantis’s campaign.[6] Anchor Maria Bartiromo directly asked DeSantis about his flailing poll numbers, suggesting that something about his campaign is not connecting with voters. DeSantis blamed the media for creating negative narratives and said that they do not want him to be the nominee because they know he will beat Biden and deliver on his promises.

It is clear that DeSantis’s campaign is facing challenges and that his support is waning among both voters and influential figures like Murdoch.[7] While he may have initially been seen as a strong contender for the Republican nomination, his recent performance and messaging strategies have raised concerns and led to a shift in support within the party.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it remains to be seen whether DeSantis can regain momentum and secure the Republican nomination, or if other candidates, like Glenn Youngkin, will emerge as stronger contenders. Murdoch’s changing stance highlights the unpredictability of the political landscape and the challenges that candidates face in maintaining support and navigating the media landscape.

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