SNL’s Bowen Yang as Jafar Calls Out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Over Feud with Disney and LGBTQ+ Representation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been in a feud with Disney ever since the company opposed his “Don’t Say Gay” bill.[0] The bill would prohibit schools from providing any instruction or materials that discuss homosexuality. In response, Disney released a statement saying that they “stand with the LGBTQ+ community” and that their theme parks are “inclusive environments where everyone is welcome.” This led to DeSantis accusing Disney of being “left-wing radicals” and attempting to take control of the land surrounding Disney World.

During a recent Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live, actor Bowen Yang played the role of Jafar from the Aladdin film series and criticized DeSantis for his actions against Disney.[0] Jafar pointed out the irony of DeSantis having his wedding at the Walt Disney World Resort, saying “Don’t say gay? Well, if there is no gay, there is no Disney. And everyone loves Disney, including you [Ron DeSantis], because your dumbass got married there, and that’s the gayest thing you can do!”[1]

Yang’s Jafar also addressed DeSantis directly, mocking his attempt to take control of Disney World’s land and calling him a “swamp rat.” Jafar also reminded viewers that Disney is already as queer as can be, with 40-year-old gay men in braces clogging up Grindr while strolling the amusement park’s Main Street.[2] Jafar declared, “That carpet has flown,”[2]

Jafar also confirmed that he himself is gay, and pointed out that there are no shortage of LGBTQ+ characters in the Disney canon, with Ursula being a lesbian and Scar being bi.[2] Jafar closed by saying “So, I am sorry, Ms. DeSantey. The gays shall stay, and you sashay away.”[0]

Yang’s portrayal of Jafar received widespread praise from audiences, with many calling for him to receive an Emmy. The skit also highlighted the ongoing tensions between DeSantis and Disney, as well as the importance of inclusivity and representation in media.

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