The 2024 US Presidential Race: Top Democratic and Republican Candidates Ranked and Controversies Arise

As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, the race for the Democratic and Republican nominations is heating up. While President Joe Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy, he has indicated his intention to run for a second term.[0] Marianne Williamson, an activist and author, has announced that she will seek the Democratic nomination, but the field is still wide open.[1] The Washington Post has ranked the top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2024, while the top 10 Republican candidates have also been ranked.[1]

One potential Republican candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has been the subject of recent controversy.[2] Trump’s campaign is reportedly reaching out to DeSantis’ donors in an attempt to convince them to switch allegiances and support Trump instead.[3] Trump has warned that if DeSantis runs for president, it will only hurt and divide the Republican Party and he will lose the support of the MAGA vote.[4] Recent polls show that support for Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee is growing, while DeSantis is slipping.[5]

Meanwhile, Trump’s own campaign has capitalized on his recent indictment by a Manhattan grand jury, raising more than $12 million since the charges were made public.[6] Trump’s campaign has been selling T-shirts printed with a faux mug shot of the former president and blasting out a barrage of fundraising emails to his supporters, with one-third of those who have given being first-time donors to Trump.[7]

As the race for the nominations heats up, supporters of potential candidates are questioning whether their chosen candidates should enter the fray. With so much uncertainty surrounding the indictments and criminal trials of some candidates, the field is wide open for new contenders to emerge. Only time will tell who will win the nominations and ultimately the presidency in 2024.

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