The Controversial Policies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: Threats to Education and Citizen Rights

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making headlines recently for his controversial policies, which many argue are threatening the state’s educational system and the rights of its citizens. DeSantis has proclaimed that “Florida is the place where woke goes to die,” but some argue that this statement is misguided.[0] In fact, many believe that Florida is a place where “woke” is being reborn, as people become more aware of the systems of oppression and exploitation that have shaped our world.[0]

One of DeSantis’ most controversial policies is his war against Disney, a major employer in the state, which threatens to kill off billions in investments and thousands of jobs.[1] Critics argue that this move is counterproductive and could have serious economic consequences for the state. DeSantis has also taken steps to prevent discussions about sexuality and gender orientation in schools, with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill forbidding instruction on these topics for all grades in Florida.[2]

Moreover, DeSantis has announced his intention to make Florida’s colleges front-runners in “workforce education,” which many fear will lead to a lack of emphasis on liberal arts education.[3] Critics argue that this move could limit the opportunities available to Florida’s youth, forcing them to pursue trade-based careers rather than pursuing their passions.

DeSantis’ policies have been criticized for being authoritarian and even dystopian. The state now has new rules for who can use which bathroom, what pronouns can be used in schools, which books can be taught, and when women can get an abortion (almost never).[4] There are measures to strip union protections from public employees, keep transgender children and their parents from choosing to seek medical treatment, prevent universities from discussing diversity or inclusion, and ban talk of gender identity or sexuality in schools all the way through 12th grade.[5]

The six-week abortion ban is especially cruel and punitive because many women don’t know they are pregnant at that point.[4] This could amount to forced pregnancy, a hellish concept if there ever was one, and one that may make even staunch Republicans blanch.[4] DeSantis’ policies have also been criticized for their lack of scientific basis, with Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the state’s surgeon general, making false claims about the safety of the COVID vaccine.[6]

Many are concerned about the future of Florida’s educational system and the rights of its citizens under DeSantis’ leadership.[7] Critics argue that his policies are limiting opportunities for Florida’s youth and threatening the state’s economic future. As DeSantis becomes a more prominent figure in national politics, voters in other states should take note of what a DeSantis presidency could look like and consider the potential consequences for their own states.[4] It remains to be seen how Florida will respond to DeSantis’ policies, but it is clear that many are deeply concerned about the direction in which the state is headed.

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