The Escalating Tension Between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis: Florida Delegation Caught in the Middle

The tension between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been escalating, with some members of the Florida delegation feeling caught in the middle. Recently, some lawmakers have shared their experiences with both Trump and DeSantis, with some expressing their disappointment with the governor’s lack of personal touch.

One congressman, David Trott, recounted how DeSantis never bothered to introduce himself or say hello during House Foreign Affairs Committee meetings. Trott expressed his disappointment, saying, “I think the third time it happened, I thought, ‘Oh, this guy’s not ever going to say hello to me.'”[0]

Another congressman, Greg Steube, who suffered significant injuries in a tree-trimming accident earlier this year, shared that Trump was the first person to call and check on him.[1] He added that to this day, he has yet to hear from DeSantis.[0]

Even freshman congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, who was endorsed by both Trump and DeSantis, shared her experience receiving a condolence letter after her father’s death. While Trump’s letter was signed “Donald,” the letter from the DeSantis camp was only signed by the governor’s wife, Casey.[0]

Luna praised Trump’s personal touch, saying, “You take the time to actually get to know the people you’re going to be working with, and that does make a difference.”

While some members of the Florida delegation have endorsed Trump, others believe that DeSantis’s lack of personal touch may come back to bite him.[2] Trott noted that some donors think DeSantis is “awkward” in how he interacts with them.[2]

However, Trump ally and congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene recently tweeted that the online personal fights between Trump and DeSantis influencers need to stop, as it makes everyone look bad and doesn’t help anyone.[3]

Ultimately, with issues such as the national debt, border control, and a struggling economy to focus on, some members of the Florida delegation believe that the real enemies causing these problems should be the main focus, rather than personal feuds.

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