The Importance of Competence in the 2024 Presidential Election: Is Ron DeSantis a Viable Option?

As the 2024 presidential election looms, the question of competence is at the forefront of voters’ minds. The current President, Joe Biden, has had a long and storied political career, but recent events have highlighted his declining physical and mental capacities.[0] On the other hand, his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, has been outright incompetent and focused more on his own interests than those of the country.[0] This leaves the third most likely candidate, Ron DeSantis, as a potential option for voters.

DeSantis, a Yale- and Harvard-educated lawyer who served in the Navy and is currently Florida’s governor, has effectively achieved his objectives in Florida regarding both politics and policy.[0] Unlike the other candidates, DeSantis passes the litmus test of competence, which is crucial in addressing the biggest questions facing the country. These questions do not fall comfortably along some left-right axis but instead require prudent and empirically effective leadership to address.[0]

Domestic issues matter less and less as the world becomes more interconnected, decreasing the relevance of a president’s political party and increasing the importance of competence. The president should be very good at dealing with global challenges, as the world is a dangerous and complicated place.[0] In a global crisis, it is important to have a leader who is highly competent, intelligent, and well-intentioned.

Unfortunately, American voters will likely once again be asked to choose the least-worst option for the nation’s most important job.[0] The Democratic ticket could benefit greatly from the inclusion of a capable, astute, and benevolent candidate in place of Biden.[0] Until then, DeSantis is a potential option for voters who value competence above all else in their elected officials.

In conclusion, as the 2024 presidential election approaches, voters must consider the importance of competence in their chosen candidate. Domestic issues are becoming less relevant as the world becomes more interconnected, and a president’s ability to effectively address global challenges is crucial. While the current candidates may fall short, Ron DeSantis stands out as a potential option for voters who prioritize competence in their leaders.

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