The Importance of Competence in the 2024 Presidential Election: Why Ron DeSantis may be the Best Option

The upcoming 2024 presidential election in the United States is already a topic of discussion among political experts and analysts. Former Boehner aide Terry Holt and former Clinton White House Deputy Assistant Matt Bennett recently discussed the potential candidates on Fox News Live, highlighting the importance of competence in a presidential candidate.[0]

The current President, Joe Biden, has had a storied political career, but his recent onstage fall at the U.S. Air Force Academy has raised concerns about his physical and mental capacities.[1] Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is outright incompetent, dishonest, and disloyal.[1] While he remains popular among Republicans, he fails the basic litmus test of competence.[1]

But there is a third potential candidate who passes the litmus test: Ron DeSantis. Despite being described as boring, stiff, and mean, DeSantis is a highly competent individual with an impressive educational and professional background. As a Yale- and Harvard-educated lawyer who served in the Navy, he has effectively achieved his objectives as Florida’s governor.[1]

DeSantis’s competence is particularly important in light of the global challenges facing the United States. While domestic issues are still relevant, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, decreasing the relevance of a president’s political party and increasing the importance of their competence.[1] A highly competent president would be better equipped to handle global crises, such as the ongoing rivalry with China and the regulation of artificial intelligence.

It is a sign of national decadence and complacency that the political focus in the United States is still insular and myopic.[1] The world is a dangerous and complicated place, and the president of the United States should be very good at dealing with global challenges.

As American voters prepare to choose the next president, they will likely once again be asked to choose the least-worst option.[1] However, it would be much better if a highly competent, intelligent, and well-intentioned candidate replaced Biden on the Democratic ticket.[1] Until then, DeSantis may be the best option for the job.

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