The Rise and Controversy of Moms for Liberty: An Extremist Group or Defender of Parental Rights?

In recent news, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has categorized Moms for Liberty as an anti-government extremist hate group. According to SPLC, Moms for Liberty is a far-right organization that opposes student inclusion and identifies itself as part of the modern parental rights movement. The group emerged in response to public health regulations for COVID-19 and has been known to oppose LGBTQ+ and racially inclusive school curriculum, as well as advocate for book bans.[0]

The ties between Moms for Liberty and the Proud Boys, another far-right hate group, have been reported by Vice. However, former President Donald Trump disagreed with this assessment during his speech at the Moms for Liberty conference.[1] He criticized the “radical left” for labeling Moms for Liberty as a hate group and instead referred to its members as “joyful warriors” and “fierce patriots.”[1]

While the founders of Moms for Liberty claim that the group is a grassroots movement focused solely on parental rights, investigations by VICE News have revealed deep ties between the organization and far-right Christian groups, as well as the GOP establishment. Members of Moms for Liberty have been known to harass and attack school board members, parents, and students who oppose their book ban campaigns and efforts to undermine LGBTQ protections. They have even managed to get their own members elected to school board positions to further their far-right goals.[2] This led to the group being designated as an extremist group by the SPLC, and investigations have found close ties between Moms for Liberty and other extremist organizations, particularly the Proud Boys.

Moms for Liberty presents itself as a parental rights group, but the SPLC’s categorization of it as an extremist, anti-government organization contradicts this. The group claims to have 27 chapters in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, according to its website.[3] However, its largest presence is in Florida, where it was founded in 2021.[3] Over the past two years, Moms for Liberty has protested mask policies in schools and sought to ban curriculum related to racism and LGBTQ content in libraries.[3] Members have a history of threatening teachers, school officials, and opponents.[3] In fact, the chairperson of the Monroe County chapter was convicted in May for harassing a member of a group opposing Moms for Liberty via Facebook.

The Moms for Liberty convention held in Philadelphia drew significant opposition in the form of protests. Demonstrators gathered outside the Museum of the American Revolution and the Center City Marriott to protest against the group.[4] They criticized Moms for Liberty’s opposition to LGBTQ education and civil rights.[5] Despite the outcry, the convention featured prominent GOP figures, including former President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former Governor Nikki Haley. The convention highlighted the growing influence of Moms for Liberty in the Republican Party and its focus on educational issues.

Moms for Liberty has established relationships with influential Republican organizations, politicians, and donors, making it a significant force in the upcoming 2024 election. Although the group has stated that it won’t endorse any presidential candidates in the primary, it has gained substantial influence within the GOP.[0] Chapter leaders frequently meet with various campaigns, positioning Moms for Liberty as one of the gatekeepers for the 2024 election.[6]

The controversy surrounding Moms for Liberty intensified when an Indiana chapter of the group featured a quote by Adolf Hitler in its newsletter.[0] The group initially defended the quote but later apologized and removed it.[7] Additionally, Nikki Haley argued against transgender women athletes participating in women’s sports, a position that conservatives see as a major women’s issue.[8]

Despite the opposition and controversy, Moms for Liberty continues to grow and gain influence. The group’s rise in the GOP and its involvement in the 2024 election highlight the increasing polarization of education politics and the veneration of Moms for Liberty among conservatives. With its focus on parental rights and holding school leaders accountable, the group aims to shape the future of public education in the United States.[9]

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