Trump Dominates GOP Fundraising for 2024 Presidential Election

Title: Trump Dominates GOP Fundraising in Preparation for 2024 Presidential Election


As the 2024 presidential election approaches, former President Donald Trump is making significant strides in his fundraising efforts.[0] Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Trump raised over $24.5 million for his campaign in the three-month period from July to September 2023. With a staggering $37.5 million in cash on hand at the beginning of October, Trump is far outpacing his Republican rivals in terms of fundraising. This article delves into the details of Trump’s fundraising success, his competitors’ efforts, and the implications for the upcoming election.

Trump’s Fundraising Momentum

Trump’s fundraising momentum is gaining traction, as evidenced by his third-quarter fundraising numbers. The $24.5 million raised from small donors during this period far exceeds the $17.7 million raised in the second quarter and the $14.4 million raised in the first quarter. Furthermore, Trump’s campaign has significantly expanded its cash reserves, starting the year with $13.9 million and now boasting $37.5 million. These fundraising figures solidify Trump’s commanding lead over his Republican counterparts, establishing him as the top fundraiser in the GOP primary.

DeSantis’ Private Jet Expenditure

In contrast to Trump’s fundraising success, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, one of Trump’s primary challengers, spent a substantial amount on private jets during the last fundraising quarter. DeSantis’ campaign disbursed more than $1.5 million to six private jet providers, including Advanced Aviation Team, Avion Aviation, Empyreal Jet, Silver Air Private Jets, IsraJets, and N2024D LLC.[1] These expenses occurred primarily in July and August, with only one Israjets charge appearing in September.[2] Despite his high spending, DeSantis raised approximately $11 million during the same period, significantly less than Trump’s haul.

Biden’s Fundraising Efforts[3]

Incumbent President Joe Biden’s campaign reported raising $24.8 million during the third quarter.[3] However, when considering his combined fundraising vehicles, including the Democratic National Committee and joint fundraising committees, the total amount raised reached $71 million.[4] Biden’s campaign manager emphasized their investment in grassroots programs and noted the positive response from small donors.[2] Nevertheless, when accounting for inflation, Biden’s fundraising total falls short of what previous presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, raised at the same point in their reelection campaigns.[2]

Financial Discrepancies and Implications

While Trump’s campaign reported raising $24.5 million in the third quarter, the joint fundraising committee associated with his campaign claimed to have raised over $45 million during the same period. The discrepancy suggests that the joint fundraising committee allocated a significant portion of the funds to its own expenses rather than transferring them to the Trump campaign.[5] This financial allocation aligns with the committee’s previous expenditures, where 38 percent of the raised funds went towards its own expenses.[4] Such financial intricacies highlight the need for transparency and scrutiny in campaign finance reporting.


Donald Trump’s fundraising prowess in the 2024 presidential campaign has placed him at the forefront of the GOP primary. With a substantial cash reserve and an increasing momentum in fundraising efforts, Trump is poised to outspend his Republican rivals. Ron DeSantis, Trump’s main challenger, has also raised a significant amount but has spent a considerable sum on private jets. President Joe Biden, as the incumbent, has the advantage of collecting large checks from donors through joint fundraising committees.[2] However, his fundraising total falls short when compared to his predecessors. As the election season unfolds, the financial landscape will play a crucial role in determining each candidate’s viability and success in securing their party’s nomination.

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