Trump Launches Scathing Attack on DeSantis, Accusing Him of Despising Iowa Ethanol

Former President Donald Trump recently launched a scathing attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, accusing him of despising Iowa ethanol and the ethanol industry in general.[0] Speaking at a campaign rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Trump emphasized that DeSantis had been fighting against ethanol for years, even during his time as a congressman. Trump claimed that DeSantis had voted against ethanol and worked to kill jobs supported by the industry.

Ending the Renewable Fuel Standard, a federal law that requires refineries to blend ethanol with their gasoline, was one of DeSantis’ top priorities, according to Trump.[1] The former president warned that if DeSantis had his way, the entire economy of Iowa would collapse.[2] Trump argued that DeSantis’ opposition to ethanol subsidies aligned him with the communists in China, while Trump himself stood with American farmers.

The criticism of DeSantis’ stance on ethanol comes at a time when Trump’s own record on biofuels is being scrutinized. While Trump claimed to be the most pro-farmer president in history, his mixed record on biofuels raises questions about his commitment to the industry. Trump did sign a rule allowing for year-round E15 ethanol at gas pumps, but this rule was later overturned in federal courts.[3]

Despite Trump’s claims, his support for ethanol did not receive overwhelming applause from his audience. In fact, his repeated mentions of ethanol during his speech were met with only minimal response. This lackluster reaction suggests that the issue of ethanol may not be as important to voters as Trump believes.[4]

In addition to criticizing DeSantis’ stance on ethanol, Trump also attacked him for vetoing a bill that would have provided $100 million to support Florida farmers. Trump accused DeSantis of targeting family farmers and argued that this veto worsened America’s housing shortage.[3]

Trump’s remarks in Iowa were met with mixed reactions.[2] While some supporters praised his pro-farmer stance and his fight for ethanol, others questioned his commitment to the industry. The controversy surrounding Trump’s record on biofuels and his attack on DeSantis may impact his standing among Iowa voters, who have traditionally been supportive of ethanol.

Overall, Trump’s criticism of DeSantis’ opposition to Iowa ethanol and the ethanol industry in general highlights the ongoing debate surrounding biofuels and their role in the American economy. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, voters will likely pay close attention to candidates’ positions on this issue and their commitment to supporting American farmers.

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