Trump Leads DeSantis in Hypothetical Republican Primary for 2024 Presidential Election, Victory Insights Poll Shows

A recent poll conducted by Victory Insights has shown that former President Donald Trump is leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a hypothetical Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election.[0] The survey shows that Trump has the support of 46.6 percent of likely voters, while DeSantis has the support of 31.8 percent.[1] The poll also reveals that there is an increased number of undecided voters, with 21.6 percent of likely voters saying they have not yet made up their minds.

The results indicate a significant shift in support since Victory Insights conducted a similar poll in November, when DeSantis was leading Trump by 10.9 points. In addition to the swing in support, the new poll also shows a higher percentage of undecided voters, with 32 percent remaining on the fence compared to just 16 percent in November.

When voters were asked to choose between Trump, DeSantis, and other declared Republican candidates, Trump garnered 42.9 percent of the vote, with DeSantis coming in second with 34.8 percent.[1] Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur, came in third place with only 3.5%. Nikki Haley, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, followed closely behind with 3.2%. Asa Hutchinson, former governor of Arkansas, received only 1.4%.[1] 13.9 percent remained undecided.[1]

While Trump has not officially declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, he has hinted at the possibility and has been actively involved in Republican politics since leaving office. DeSantis, on the other hand, has not yet announced his candidacy, but his messaging, book tour, and PAC activity suggest that he may run for president in the coming months.[1]

The poll results suggest that DeSantis, who handily won re-election in the Florida governor’s mansion in November by a margin of nearly 20 points in a state that has traditionally been a toss-up between Democrats and Republicans, may struggle to win his home state in a hypothetical GOP primary against Trump.[2]

However, the poll results should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are simply a snapshot of public opinion at a particular moment in time. Many factors can influence the outcome of an election, and the race for the Republican nomination in 2024 is still in its early stages. It is unclear who else will enter the race, how the candidates will perform in debates and other public appearances, and what issues will be most important to voters.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden has yet to officially announce his candidacy, but he has indicated that he intends to run for re-election in 2024.[3] Activist and author Marianne Williamson has said that she will seek the Democratic nomination.[4] The Post has ranked the top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2024.[4]

In conclusion, while the Victory Insights poll shows Trump leading DeSantis in a hypothetical Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election, it is still early days in the race, and many factors can influence the outcome. The poll results should be taken with caution, and it remains to be seen who else will enter the race and what issues will be most important to voters.

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