Trump’s Support Among Republican Voters Dips, DeSantis Gains Ground in Poll

Former President Donald Trump’s support among Republican voters has dipped from 53% to 47% in the past month, according to a CNN poll of 1,350 registered voters.[0] Trump still leads the Republican field by a wide margin in the race for the party’s nomination for President, but the poll suggested that his support has declined, as have positive views of him among Republican and Republican-leaning voters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis maintained steady support at 26% in the latest poll, with former Vice President Mike Pence at 9%, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley at 5%, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott at 4%, former New Jersey Gov.[1] Chris Christie at 3%, and the remaining candidates at 1% or less.[2] If Trump and President Joe Biden were to hypothetically compete in a general election, Biden would have a lead of 49% to Trump’s 45%. Conversely, if DeSantis were to run against Biden, both candidates would be tied with 47% of the vote.

Despite Trump’s federal indictment in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, a combined total of 77% of GOP primary voters said the federal charges gave them either minor concerns (14%) or no real concerns (63%).[3] Moreover, only 26% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters believe that Trump should end his campaign in light of the federal charges, while an additional 16% suggest he should withdraw if convicted of federal crimes.[1] There are not many Republicans who wish to witness Trump being removed from the competition or disowned by his party as a reaction to the indictment.[2] A 54% majority of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say that Trump’s conduct doesn’t matter much to them as they consider his candidacy, because a President’s effectiveness matters more.[4]

The poll did reveal a near 50-50 split among Republicans on the question of whether Trump should remain the party’s standard-bearer.[5] Another 21% say it’s time to consider other leaders, even though they believe Trump was a good president.[6] A majority of these voters pick DeSantis as their first choice, yet Trump also gets support from 1 out of 5 in this group.[7] Another 29% say that the GOP needs a new leader with “better personal behavior” as well as a different approach from the former president.[8] These voters preferred DeSantis, Pence, Christie, and other candidates as their first choice for the GOP nomination.[8]

Trump now leads Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, currently his chief Republican rival, by 29 points, a near doubling of his lead in NBC’s April poll. DeSantis’s worsening numbers are one of the poll’s other major findings: 46% of all voters rated the Florida governor either “somewhat” (9%) or “very” (37%) negative, an increase of twenty points over the last year.[5] The poll indicates that in a primary battle, Trump would defeat DeSantis by a margin of 24 points.[5]

Recently, there has been a development where the Governor…[9] On Thursday, a poll revealed that Ron DeSantis (R – Florida) is making progress in the packed Republican presidential primary, catching up to former President Trump.[10] On Tuesday, a CNN survey revealed that among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, Trump is ahead of his closest challenger DeSantis by 21 points (47-26) in terms of support. In CNN’s May poll, the ex-president’s rating on the initial ballot inquiry declined by six points.[11] The June survey was carried out completely following Trump’s indictment in federal court last week.[11]

In the hypothetical rematch between Biden and Trump, Biden enjoys advantages among women (55%-38%), voters 18-34 (65%-30%), Latinos (66%-26%), and Black voters (73%-20%), as well as independents (47%-33%) and those who “somewhat” disapprove of Biden’s job as president (50%-39%). The poll was conducted among 1,350 U.S. adults in June, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.[12]

Overall, Trump’s support among Republican voters has declined in the past month, while DeSantis is gaining ground as a potential challenger.[13] However, Trump still leads the Republican field by a wide margin and has a significant portion of Republican voters who are not concerned about his federal indictment. Biden continues to lead in a hypothetical matchup against Trump, with advantages among key voter groups. The Republican primary field for the 2024 presidential election remains crowded, with a near 50-50 split among Republicans on whether Trump should remain the party’s standard-bearer.

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