Uncovered Memo Reveals Controversial Debate Strategy for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

In a surprising turn of events, a memo detailing the potential debate strategy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been uncovered by reporters.[0] The memo was found among hundreds of pages of research that were posted by a firm associated with the super PAC Never Back Down, which has taken control of DeSantis’ campaign.[0] The advice offered in the memo has raised eyebrows due to its questionable nature.

One of the key recommendations in the memo is for DeSantis to shield former President Donald Trump from any attacks and to hurl insults at candidates who are not perceived as real threats. This strategy has been criticized as foolish and ineffective, as it fails to address the issues and policies that voters truly care about.

DeSantis is embarrassed by the mere discovery of these memos.[0] Super PACs are prohibited from coordinating directly with campaigns, but they often try to get around these restrictions by posting documents publicly. Usually, these documents are hidden in obscure corners of the internet to prevent them from being found by the opposition or the media.[0] However, in this case, someone tipped off reporters to their location, giving us a rare glimpse into how a presidential candidate’s political operation strategizes for a debate.[0]

While it is not unusual for PACs to post polling data and strategy memos online, the discovery of these documents raises questions about the effectiveness and transparency of the campaign process. Super PACs and campaigns are legally barred from coordinating on strategy, but the existence of these memos suggests that there may be ways to share information without breaking the law.

The content of the memo itself is also cause for concern. It advises DeSantis to attack Joe Biden and the media multiple times, emphasize his positive vision, and defend Donald Trump in absentia in response to potential attacks from Chris Christie.[1] These recommendations seem to prioritize political maneuvering over substantive policy discussions, which does a disservice to voters who are looking for real solutions to the challenges facing our country.

The memo also suggests that DeSantis should invoke personal anecdotes about his family and show emotion to counter his reputation for being aloof or awkward on the campaign trail.[2] While personal stories can be effective in connecting with voters, they should not be used as a distraction from substantive policy discussions.

Overall, the memo and its recommendations highlight the challenges facing DeSantis’ campaign. His poll numbers have been declining, his organization has been in turmoil, and there are rumors of financial difficulties.[3] The upcoming debate is a crucial moment for him to reset his campaign and make a strong impression on a national stage. However, the questionable advice offered in the memo raises doubts about his ability to effectively navigate these challenges and connect with voters.

In the end, voters are looking for a candidate who can offer real solutions and address the pressing issues facing our country. They deserve a campaign that is transparent, substantive, and focused on the issues that matter most. The discovery of this memo raises questions about the effectiveness and integrity of the campaign process, and it is up to voters to decide if they are willing to support a candidate who relies on questionable strategies and tactics.

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