Why Competence Matters in the Presidency and Why Ron DeSantis is the Best Choice for 2025

The United States presidency has always been a position that requires competence, but in recent times, it seems that this requirement has become even more pressing.[0] With the country facing a variety of challenges that require prudent and empirically effective leadership, it is essential that whoever occupies the White House is capable of dealing with them. Unfortunately, the current president, Joe Biden, is showing signs of declining physical and mental capacities, making it difficult for him to perform his duties adequately.[1] On the other hand, Donald Trump, the most popular Republican contender, is not only far from very competent but is also dishonest, disloyal, and more concerned with himself than America’s interests.

The third most likely person to be inaugurated president in January 2025, Ron DeSantis, is the only candidate who passes the litmus test.[0] Despite being boring, stiff, and mean, DeSantis is competent, having served in the Navy, including a tour in Iraq, before entering congress and becoming Florida’s governor.[1] He also attended Harvard and Yale University. DeSantis’ effectiveness in Florida regarding both politics and policy is a testament to his competence, and he would make an excellent president.

It is crucial to have a competent president because the most significant questions facing the country do not fall comfortably along some left-right axis but instead require prudent and empirically effective leadership to address.[1] How should the country approach its global rivalry with China?[0] How should it regulate artificial intelligence?[0] How should it participate in an international economy complicated by dysfunction and violence around the world?[0] These are some of the questions that require a competent leader.

Domestic issues are becoming less relevant as the world becomes more interconnected, decreasing the relevance of a president’s political party and increasing the importance of competence.[0] It is better to get the culture wars wrong but get China right than vice versa.[0] The same holds for taxation. It is better to tilt the code a little more toward the rich if it means getting smarter regulations to protect humanity from artificial intelligence’s downside.[2] It is far better to appoint conservative judges all day long if it means America’s international effectiveness and leadership improves.[0]

The United States’ domestic squabbles do not mean as much as they used to, and it is a sign of the country’s national decadence and complacency that its political focus is still insular and myopic.[1] The world is a dangerous and complicated place, and the president of the United States should be, above all else, very good at dealing with global challenges.[1]

In conclusion, the upcoming presidential election in November will likely ask American voters to choose the least-worst option for the nation’s most important job.[1] A replacement for Biden on the Democratic ticket who is highly competent, intelligent, and well-intentioned would be greatly beneficial.[1] Until then, DeSantis is the best choice for the presidency.

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